Green Bay Packers
A Hard-Hitting LB Who Would Be a Fit on Green Bay’s Defense
By Carter Cox - Apr 25, 2021
The Green Bay Packers recently met with Auburn’s K.J. Britt virtually and at the Senior Bowl as well, and there seems to be interest from both sides. […]
Green Bay Packers
The Perfect Jamaal Williams Replacement Can Be Had on Day 3
By Carter Cox - Apr 24, 2021
The Green Bay Packers recently met with Memphis running back Kenneth Gainwell. I’m sure this will make fans sigh at first, but hear me out — drafting […]
Green Bay Packers
A Swiss Army Knife Safety Who Would Modernize the Packers’ Defense
By Carter Cox - Apr 23, 2021
The Green Bay Packers’ secondary could use a boost, and this draft seems designed to fit their needs. Defensive backs and wide receivers run deep in this […]
Green Bay Packers
A Perfect-Fit WR Everyone is Overlooking
By Carter Cox - Apr 21, 2021
As everyone knows, the Green Bay Packers need a WR2. Davante Adams can’t carry the receiving corps alone. But because they were cap-strapped and couldn’t make any […]
Green Bay Packers
A Potential UDFA Receiver Who Would Be Perfect for the Packers
By Carter Cox - Apr 17, 2021
Auburn’s Eli Stove is projected to either go in the seventh round or undrafted in this year’s draft. He has recently met with the Green Bay Packers, […]
Green Bay Packers
Don’t Freak Out About the Schedule
By Carter Cox - Apr 13, 2021
The NFL’s decision to add a 17th regular-season game next year means that not only do the Green Bay Packers have to face the Kansas City Chiefs […]
Green Bay Packers
A Davante Adams-Type WR the Packers Can Get Late in the Draft
By Carter Cox - Mar 30, 2021
We all know that the Green Bay Packers probably won’t draft a wide receiver in the first round, so it is essential for the front office to […]
Green Bay Packers
A Hidden Gem WR the Packers Could Steal In the Draft
By Carter Cox - Mar 24, 2021
The Green Bay Packers need another wide receiver, and they have not drafted one in the first round since 2002. Odds are they won’t this year either. […]
Green Bay Packers
Don’t Forget About Devin Funchess
By Carter Cox - Mar 16, 2021
Devin Funchess is a name long forgotten by many Green Bay Packers fans, and rightfully so. The only reason anyone even remembered that he was still on […]
Green Bay Packers
The Packers Should Target Haason Reddick in Free Agency
By Carter Cox - Mar 9, 2021
J.J. Watt is off the board for the Green Bay Packers, of course. But his landing with the Arizona Cardinals increases their chances of signing one of […]
Green Bay Packers
Should the Packers Re-Sign Tavon Austin?
By Carter Cox - Mar 2, 2021
If someone had said that the Green Bay Packers had Tavon Austin on their roster a few years ago, Packers Twitter would have gone up in flames […]
Green Bay Packers
Re-Signing Aaron Jones Would Hurt the Packers Long-Term
By Carter Cox - Feb 23, 2021
As we have seen throughout NFL history, signing running backs to long-term, expensive deals rarely works out. With Aaron Jones in line for one of these deals […]