What If Rosas Blew Up the Wolves Roster Again?
By Chris Schad - Jan 28, 2021
At this time a year ago, the Minnesota Timberwolves appeared to be going nowhere. With a roster that didn’t fit their current system and a 15-31 record, […]
What the Vikings Should Learn From the Packers’ Loss on Sunday
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Why Didn’t Minnesota Use Alexander Mattison More This Year?
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Coming into the 2020 season, there were big things expected from Alexander Mattison. The second-year running back put up a solid rookie season and with the added […]
What Mike Zimmer Can Learn From Bill Parcells to Fix the Offense
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After the Minnesota Vikings wrapped up their season, Mike Zimmer sentenced himself to an offseason of exile. While some fans wanted him to run as far as […]
The Riley Reiff Decision is Really About Ezra Cleveland
By Chris Schad - Jan 15, 2021
With the Minnesota Vikings pressed up against the salary cap heading into next season, one common suggestion to remedy the situation is releasing Riley Reiff. As a […]
Is Danielle Hunter The Ideal Trade Chip For Deshaun Watson?
By Chris Schad - Jan 13, 2021
One of the main reasons for optimism surrounding the Minnesota Vikings in 2021 is Danielle Hunter’s return. As one of the league’s top edge rushers, his return […]
Minnesota Can’t Fall Into the Jeff Fisher Trap with Mike Zimmer
By Chris Schad - Jan 8, 2021
Mike Zimmer has had a pretty good run with the Minnesota Vikings when you consider the shelf life of head coaches in the NFL. Under his watch, […]
Why You Should Be Rooting for the Bills This Year
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As the Minnesota Vikings wrapped up their 2020 season in Detroit last Sunday, there was a feeling of disappointment. Coming into the season with (delusional?) thoughts of […]
Predicting The Next 7 Months of the Vikings Offseason
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With the Minnesota Vikings wrapping up the 2020 season on Sunday, we can get to everyone’s favorite part of the football calendar, the offseason. Much like last […]
Who Will Benefit Most From Pierce and Hunter’s Return?
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As the Minnesota Vikings fade into the offseason, there has been a lot of discussion about their defensive line. Allowing 264 rushing yards to the New Orleans […]
The 2020 Vikings’ 12 Days of Christmas
By Chris Schad - Dec 24, 2020
Everyone has their favorite Christmas carol, but for me, it has to be the 12 Days of Christmas. No, this isn’t because Rowdy Roddy Piper had one […]
This Town Isn’t Big Enough for Kirk Cousins and Mike Zimmer
By Chris Schad - Dec 23, 2020
It was high noon at U.S. Bank Stadium. Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer stood across from Kirk Cousins at the 50-yard line as the two were […]