Jordan Addison Is Our First Look at Kevin O’Connell the Talent Evaluator
By Chris Schad - Jul 22, 2023
When the Minnesota Vikings hired Kevin O’Connell, he had a lot to worry about. The Vikings believed that O’Connell could get something out of their nucleus that […]
Maybe the Vikings Should Keep Kirk Cousins Beyond 2023
By Chris Schad - Jul 18, 2023
Football fans and Netflix bingers joined forces this past week when the streaming service launched Quarterback. The show follows Patrick Mahomes, Marcus Mariota, and Kirk Cousins throughout […]
Brian Flores’s Defense Will Be the Main Attraction Of Training Camp
By Chris Schad - Jul 15, 2023
When the Minnesota Vikings gathered for Kevin O’Connell’s first training camp, the offense was the center of attention. After years of an efficient but conservative approach under […]
Can This Year’s Twins Find Their Shannon Stewart At the Deadline?
By Chris Schad - Jul 14, 2023
In the summer of 2003, the Minnesota Twins were scuffling into the All-Star Break. They were in the middle of an eight-game losing streak and had fallen […]
What Would the Vikings Have Looked Like Under Stefanski and Paton?
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When it comes to the most exciting moments in recent Minnesota Vikings history, the 2019 playoff win over the New Orleans Saints is toward the top of […]
Randy Moss’ ‘Disgusting Act’ Changed the Course Of History
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You know those moments in time that change the course of history? The sports world is loaded with them. A missed kick, a bad play call, or […]
What the Vikings’ Defensive Regime Change Means For the 2022 Draft Class
By Chris Schad - Jul 4, 2023
To say that Kwesi Adofo-Mensah’s first draft class with the Minnesota Vikings was unorthodox would be an understatement. Billed as a general manager who leans on analytical […]
Why Dalvin Cook Might Be the Most Interesting Viking Who Is No Longer A Viking
By Chris Schad - Jul 1, 2023
When it comes to offseason drama, you could say that Minnesota Vikings fans are cooked. It doesn’t have to do with Eric Kendricks’ expected release or Adam […]
How the Reds Became the Bizarro Twins
By Chris Schad - Jun 29, 2023
It’s mid-June it’s an exciting time to be a fan. Spencer Steer is starting to break out as a major leaguer and Christian Encarnacion-Strand is slugging his […]
The Vikings and Swifties Have More Common Ground Than You Think
By Chris Schad - Jun 27, 2023
This past weekend, Taylor Swift brought The Eras Tour to the Twin Cities. It was a joyous time for Swifties as the megastar packed U.S. Bank Stadium […]
Why Is Justin Jefferson’s Extension Taking So Long?
By Chris Schad - Jun 24, 2023
At some point this offseason, the Minnesota Vikings were in line for a massive celebration. Kwesi Adofo-Mensah would stand at the podium with a smile from ear […]
The NFC North Is the NFL’s Division Of Misfit Toys
By Chris Schad - Jun 20, 2023
June is a rough month for football fans. While the gridiron faithful can whet their appetites by diving into a steady stream of news during minicamp, there […]