Will Jhoan Duran’s Resurgence Extend Into the Postseason?
By CJ Baumgartner - Sep 20, 2023
The Minnesota Twins entered the 2023 season with one of baseball’s most talented young relievers. Jhoan Duran switched from the rotation to the bullpen to start the […]
The Legend Of September Correa Continues To Grow
By CJ Baumgartner - Sep 13, 2023
There is a familiar archetype in many great Western movies. Those movies usually feature an accomplished cowboy coming from a faraway land to fix an issue and […]
How Much Of Joe Ryan’s Home Run Struggles Were Due To Regression?
By CJ Baumgartner - Sep 6, 2023
The Minnesota Twins had one of the best starting rotations in baseball in the first half of the 2023 season. Their starting pitchers’ 3.64 ERA was second […]
The Twins May Have Revealed Their Playoff Pitching Blueprint
By CJ Baumgartner - Aug 30, 2023
September is almost here, and the Minnesota Twins are in a favorable position for a playoff push. With a six-game lead over the Cleveland Guardians in the […]
Byron Buxton’s Potential Return To CF Comes At The Right Time
By CJ Baumgartner - Aug 24, 2023
The calendar hasn’t even shifted to September yet, but the Minnesota Twins looked poised to recapture their first AL Central crown since 2020. The only Central team […]
Emilio Pagan’s Chaotic Energy Has Become the Twins’ Spirit Animal
By CJ Baumgartner - Aug 17, 2023
The Minnesota Twins are finally (maybe) in the driver’s seat to win the AL Central for the first time since 2020 and the first time in a […]
Has Pablo Lopez Become What Everyone Wanted Jose Berrios To Be?
By CJ Baumgartner - Aug 9, 2023
Ever since the Minnesota Twins traded Johan Santana after the 2007 season, they have spent the next decade and a half seeking their next franchise ace. Francisco […]
The Twins Built A Flawed, Inflexible Roster
By CJ Baumgartner - Aug 2, 2023
The 2023 trade deadline has come and gone, and the Minnesota Twins front office wasn’t as aggressive as they were last year. But there was still the […]
Will Pablo Lopez Avoid A Second-Half Dropoff?
By CJ Baumgartner - Jul 26, 2023
Calling the blockbuster trade that the Minnesota Twins made in January bold would be an understatement. The team swapped their best contact hitter Luis Arraez to the […]
Are the Twins Getting Their Investment Back On Gallo?
By CJ Baumgartner - Jul 19, 2023
Before the re-signing of Carlos Correa, veteran slugger Joey Gallo was the Minnesota Twins’ offseason free agent highlight. Another free agent signing, Christian Vázquez, filled a perceived […]
3 ‘What Ifs’ From the First Half Of the 2023 Season
By CJ Baumgartner - Jul 12, 2023
We have reached the unofficial halfway point of the 2023 Major League Baseball season. The Minnesota Twins are in need of a few days off after the […]
Can Jose Miranda Get His Groove Back?
By CJ Baumgartner - Jul 5, 2023
There was no bigger name on the Minnesota Twins prospect list two years ago than José Miranda. His epic June 2021 run in Triple-A, where he recorded […]