An Extended Lockout Would Not Be Good For Royce Lewis’ Development
By CJ Baumgartner - Jan 11, 2022
In June 2017, the Minnesota Twins found themselves drafting first overall for the first time since taking Joe Mauer in the 2001 draft. They had many options, […]
Joe Nathan Is A Bona Fide Hall of Fame Candidate
By CJ Baumgartner - Jan 4, 2022
This point in the winter is often considered a dead period in terms of Major League Baseball news. However, the current stalemate between the players and the […]
Don’t Rush To Judgment On Jorge Alcala
By CJ Baumgartner - Dec 28, 2021
After years of running out one of baseball’s worst pitching units, the Minnesota Twins have surprisingly built one of the league’s best bullpens. They put out a […]
Will This Be Miguel Sano’s Last Season In Minnesota?
By CJ Baumgartner - Dec 21, 2021
Miguel Sanó has been one of the faces of the Minnesota Twins for the last six seasons. The once-top prospect was considered a fundamental building block for […]
Don’t Rule Out Josh Donaldson As An Impact Player In 2022
By CJ Baumgartner - Dec 14, 2021
It was a big step for the Minnesota Twins when they landed former MVP Josh Donaldson in January of 2020. They signed the third baseman to a […]
What Do The Twins Do Behind Buxton In Center Field?
By CJ Baumgartner - Dec 7, 2021
Last week, the Minnesota Twins answered their biggest offseason question when they re-signed star center fielder Byron Buxton to a seven-year, $100 million contract. Everyone in Target […]
Let’s Not Make the Joe Mauer Mistake With Byron Buxton
By CJ Baumgartner - Nov 30, 2021
We’re only days before the clock strikes midnight on the upcoming lockout. It seemed like extension talks between the Minnesota Twins and their star center fielder Byron […]
This Offseason Is Going To Define the “Falvine” Era
By CJ Baumgartner - Nov 23, 2021
The MLB offseason is upon us, and things are happening fast. Free agents have always been available to sign now, but players and teams are coming to […]
Minnesota’s Patient Approach Will Be Tested This Offseason
By CJ Baumgartner - Nov 16, 2021
The saying “patience is a virtue” comes from the 13th Century poet William Langland. And if the Minnesota Twins front office of Derek Falvey and Thad Levine […]
The Twins Have The Foundation Of A Playoff-Caliber Offense
By CJ Baumgartner - Nov 9, 2021
Now that this year’s World Series has come and gone, there are some lessons the Minnesota Twins can learn from the postseason as they try to get […]
Is Zack Greinke An Option For The Twins?
By CJ Baumgartner - Nov 2, 2021
The World Series is almost over, and the talks of the Minnesota Twins offseason plans are heating up. After a disappointing campaign, the Twins have multiple areas […]
3 Ex-Twins Who Would Have Been More Valuable Than Eddie Rosario
By CJ Baumgartner - Oct 26, 2021
It’s hard to discuss the Minnesota Twins and avoid talking about their postseason woes dating back to 2003. While that looms large in the minds of those […]