What the Wolves Owe Karl-Anthony Towns
By Chelanga Langason - Dec 28, 2022
I am a stone sitting in a mighty river. The water rushes all around me — fast, violent. Yet, amid the chaos, I find peace. For I, […]
The Timberwolves As the Nine Reindeer: Who’s Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen?
By Chelanga Langason - Dec 22, 2022
Modern-day American Christmas celebrations are a world away from the holiday’s traditional roots. What was once a simple holiday is now a celebration of capitalism. Malls are […]
The Wolves Are Vibing Again
By Chelanga Langason - Dec 20, 2022
Everyone has something they have trouble letting go of. Whether it’s reminiscing about the glory days or a pain previously felt, we’ve all got something that we […]
Why Didn’t Rudy Gobert Take Full Accountability With His Apology?
By Chelanga Langason - Dec 14, 2022
It’s been a tough start for Rudy Gobert in a Minnesota Timberwolves uniform. In many ways, he was set up to be highly scrutinized for his entire […]
D’Angelo Russell Has Played Better In Karl-Anthony Towns’ Absence
By Chelanga Langason - Dec 13, 2022
I wrote previously about the opportunity that Rudy Gobert would get to find his rhythm in Karl-Anthony Towns’ absence. In my mind, no one on the team […]
Can the Wolves Master the Art Of the Bounce-Back?
By Chelanga Langason - Dec 8, 2022
Saturday’s matchup against the Oklahoma City Thunder was a night filled with frustration, two ejections, and, most importantly, another loss served to the Minnesota Timberwolves in this […]
Anthony Edwards Isn’t the All-Star We Wanted Him To Be
By Chelanga Langason - Dec 5, 2022
It’s been a disappointing season for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Twenty-three games into the season, fans and the players were not expecting them to be 11-12, outside the […]
Gobert Can Get Back To What Made Him Great In Utah
By Chelanga Langason - Nov 30, 2022
Minnesota Timberwolves fans held their collective breath on Monday night as Karl-Anthony Towns lay on the court, clutching his calf in Washington. As he was running back […]
The Warriors Game Was A Test For Minnesota’s Viability As A Contender
By Chelanga Langason - Nov 28, 2022
The Golden State Warriors have set the standard for what championship basketball looks like. They play fast, they play smart, and they shoot the lights out from […]
DLo Isn’t the Reason For Minnesota’s Early-Season Struggles
By Chelanga Langason - Nov 23, 2022
D’Angelo Russell may be the most polarizing player on the Minnesota Timberwolves. In many ways, there is a duality to his game. At his best, he provides […]
The Magic Are One Of the Only Teams That Can Match Minnesota’s Size
By Chelanga Langason - Nov 16, 2022
In the off-season, Minnesota Timberwolves fans were boiling over with excitement for what was one of the most anticipated regular seasons in franchise history. The Wolves entered […]