The Hawks Exposed A Flaw In Minnesota’s Defensive Scheme
By Chelanga Langason - Dec 7, 2021
Last night the Minnesota Timberwolves squared off against an Atlanta Hawks team coming off a tough loss to the shorthanded Charlotte Hornets. Kelly Oubre was scorching-hot from […]
Who Should Close Out Games For the Timberwolves?
By Chelanga Langason - Dec 4, 2021
The Minnesota Timberwolves have a dynamic backcourt in Anthony Edwards and D’Angelo Russell. Ant can dazzle with his ability to get to the rim with speed and […]
Finch Hasn’t Found the Right Player To Replace Beverley In the Starting Lineup
By Chelanga Langason - Nov 30, 2021
Patrick Beverley has been a huge part of the Minnesota Timberwolves’ success thus far. The box-score numbers won’t blow anyone away: He averages eight points, 4.5 rebounds, […]
What’s Behind the Wolves’ Culture Shift This Year?
By Chelanga Langason - Nov 27, 2021
You can consider many different qualities when trying to pinpoint the core values of each professional basketball franchise. But the word that keeps coming back to me […]
D’Angelo Russell Is Evolving As A Leader
By Chelanga Langason - Nov 23, 2021
People have a way of adapting to their environments. For those environments that we are most comfortable with, the adaptation happens instantaneously. It’s as if we reach […]
The Wolves Really Could Have Used A Pick In Last Year’s Draft
By Chelanga Langason - Nov 20, 2021
Stop the count! The Timberwolves are on a two-game winning streak. Were the season to end right now, they would be the 11th seed in the West. […]
The Wolves Played With Winning Energy In A Losing Effort
By Chelanga Langason - Nov 16, 2021
The Phoenix Suns rolled into town Monday night and were greeted by the first glimpse of Minnesota winter. The first snowfall of the year came this weekend. […]
Let’s Parse Through the Wolves’ Six-Game Losing Streak
By Chelanga Langason - Nov 13, 2021
The Minnesota Timberwolves have now lost six games in a row. I’ll say that again: The Minnesota Timberwolves have now lost six games in a row. For […]
Anthony Edwards Can’t Be Minnesota’s Only Player Who Attacks the Rim
By Chelanga Langason - Nov 9, 2021
After a 3-1 start, the Minnesota Timberwolves have lost four-straight games. The jubilation that many fans felt to start the season was swiftly replaced with a familiar […]
The Floor Might Be Falling Out Beneath Minnesota’s Defense
By Chelanga Langason - Nov 6, 2021
On Wednesday, the Minnesota Timberwolves suffered a tough loss to the Los Angeles Clippers. During the first half, it felt like the Wolves could win the game. […]
Is Finch’s 11-Man Rotation Stifling Minnesota’s Offense?
By Chelanga Langason - Nov 2, 2021
Chris Finch has been incredibly transparent since taking the helm as head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Early in the season, he clearly stated that he intended […]
Jarred Vanderbilt Is Changing Games With His Hustle
By Chelanga Langason - Oct 30, 2021
After the Minnesota Timberwolves split their mini-series with the Zion-less New Orleans Pelicans, much of the focus was centered on the Wolves’ poor rebounding. Over the two-game […]