Will the NBA Take a Stand Against Police Brutality?
By Chelanga Langason - Apr 13, 2021
This past weekend my friend and I drove back home from Missouri when we passed a cop on the freeway. As we drove past his car, he […]
The Star Potential of Jaden McDaniels
By Chelanga Langason - Mar 29, 2021
The Minnesota Timberwolves had a weird weekend. First, they beat the Houston Rockets by pulling off the greatest comeback of the millennium. Nothing like a 22-0 run […]
Unleash Point KAT On the NBA
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Since Chris Finch took over as head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves, we’ve seen the ball in Karl-Anthony Towns’ hands much more often. It turns out that […]
Jaylen Nowell is Giving the Wolves Options On the Court and at the Trade Deadline
By Chelanga Langason - Mar 15, 2021
Before the All-Star break, I found myself listlessly writing about the Minnesota Timberwolves. I was grasping at straws looking for things to get excited about as the […]
Will D’Angelo Russell Return to All-Star Form Under Chris Finch?
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Since the moment that Chris Finch arrived in Minnesota, the pressure has been on for him to turn this ailing season around. It’s a tough spot for […]
Can Anthony Edwards Become the Next Dwyane Wade?
By Chelanga Langason - Mar 1, 2021
“His name is Dwyane Wade,” Anthony Edwards said on ESPN, weeks before the 2020 NBA draft. “I look on the TV and say I can be that […]
Chris Finch is the Latest Piece of Rosas’ Puzzle
By Chelanga Langason - Feb 22, 2021
The seemingly inevitable departure of Ryan Saunders is finally here. There has been a growing sentiment of disdain for Saunders at the helm since the moment he […]
Andrew Wiggins Isn’t Haunting the Wolves
By Chelanga Langason - Feb 16, 2021
He spent six long years disappointing us. He caused headaches, heartaches, and maybe the occasional stomach ache. Somehow, even though he’s no longer with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Andrew […]
Last Weekend in OKC Should Give the Wolves Some Hope
By Chelanga Langason - Feb 8, 2021
Hey folks, Chelanga and Dylan here from the CnD NBA Podcast. We’re writing together to celebrate a Minnesota Timberwolves win on Friday and almost-win on Saturday. You […]
“The Prosas” is Working Even If It May Not Look Like It
By Chelanga Langason - Feb 2, 2021
Twitter is the best and only place to find out how the fans of a sports team feel about the franchise. Right now, Wolves Twitter is a […]
Who Fits the Wolves Best If They Retain Their Pick?
By Chelanga Langason - Jan 27, 2021
Oh, to be a Minnesota Timberwolves fan. It’s a miserable experience. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment because I can’t get enough of this team. The […]
What’s Going on With Ricky Rubio?
By Chelanga Langason - Jan 20, 2021
Many Minnesota Timberwolves fans, myself included, were full of hope for this season. After such a long layoff from Wolves basketball, how could we not be? We […]