CnD NBA SHOW: Why The Wolves Don’t Need Cade Cunningham
By Dylan Carlson - Apr 26, 2021
On the latest CnD NBA Show, Dylan and Chelanga discuss some real stupid news (which Dylan is unamused by), break down the win over Utah, and explain […]
How Chris Finch Transformed the Minnesota Timberwolves
By Dylan Carlson - Apr 22, 2021
Please join me for a Chris Finch statistical deep dive. Earlier this year, I wrote about how Gersson Rosas built the Minnesota Timberwolves roster for Finch to […]
The Wolves Need to Win to Keep Golden State From Getting The Pick That They Want
By Dylan Carlson - Apr 15, 2021
The Minnesota Timberwolves remain at the bottom of the conference, still a half-game behind the Houston Rockets. Many Wolves fans have been complacent because they want the […]
Does it Matter if Anthony Edwards is Named Rookie of the Year?
By Dylan Carlson - Apr 8, 2021
Throughout the year, talking heads across the league insist on denigrating Anthony Edwards’ case for Rookie of the Year. Nate Duncan insisted that LaMelo Ball is still […]
Does Jaden McDaniels Deserve All-Rookie Honors?
By Dylan Carlson - Apr 2, 2021
Jaden McDaniels has been balling out, but what does he need to do to attain the illustrious Second-Team All-Rookie honors? Let’s find out: Currently, the positionless All-Rookie […]
There Should Be No Trade Deadline FOMO For the Wolves
By Dylan Carlson - Mar 26, 2021
The Minnesota Timberwolves have grown accustomed to splashy roster events during the pRosas. From the jump, Gersson Rosas traded up five spots in his first draft to […]
Elgin Baylor, Raised By Wolves
By Dylan Carlson - Mar 23, 2021
Minnesota Timberwolves fans often erase Minnesota professional basketball history before 1989. It’s easy because the Los Angeles Lakers currently have our five Minneapolis Lakers championships hanging from […]
How Do D’Angelo Russell and Malik Beasley Fit In When They Return?
By Dylan Carlson - Mar 20, 2021
This week the Minnesota Timberwolves played the Portland Trail Blazers and the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Phoenix Suns twice, and somehow came out with a 2-2 […]
The Wolves Should Be a Publicly Traded Company
By Dylan Carlson - Mar 5, 2021
I promised myself that this would be my week off, but then Kevin Garnett nuked Glen Taylor, and Timberwolves Twitter was set ablaze. Somehow this team is […]
The Wolves Roster Was Built For Chris Finch To Coach It
By Dylan Carlson - Feb 23, 2021
Put your scuba gear on folks, because today we’re going 10,000 leagues under the lakes of Minnesota on this Chris Finch deep-dive. Ready for a polar plunge? […]
Malik Beasley Has the Most Team-Friendly Contract in the NBA
By Dylan Carlson - Feb 20, 2021
Even at the time of the signing, I had a hunch that Malik Beasley might be underpaid, but you wouldn’t have known that based on the coverage […]
KATman Returns
By Dylan Carlson - Feb 11, 2021
Our beloved Karl-Anthony Towns has returned! What a night for Minnesota Timberwolves fans. Sure, it felt like your average Wolves choke job after they relinquished a six-point […]