Minnesota’s First Preseason Game Gave Us A Lot To Chew On
By Julius Dennis - Oct 5, 2021
The preseason has arrived, and a critical Minnesota Timberwolves campaign has begun. The comfortable tones of Dave Benz and Jim Peterson have once more passed through our […]
Ben Simmons From An Australian Perspective
By Julius Dennis - Sep 21, 2021
“You cannot unnerve him; only he can do that to himself.” That’s from a Jackie MacMullan feature about Ben Simmons published after the Philadelphia 76ers bumbled out […]
How Good Do the Wolves Have To Be Defensively Next Year?
By Julius Dennis - Aug 31, 2021
Much like Americans have the gridiron, Australia has the Australian Football League, or AFL for short. You may remember it from the brief love affair American sports […]
How Much Should We Read Into KAT’s “Terrific Summer”?
By Julius Dennis - Aug 17, 2021
In the NBA, it’s all about how you sell your summer. From players to front offices, everyone wants to talk up the job they did to improve […]
Ricky Rubio Always Reflected, But Never Defined, the Wolves
By Julius Dennis - Aug 3, 2021
In every era of a team, good, bad, or great, there are players that come to define them. One person comes to mind when you think of […]
Why My Wolves Passion Still Burns From 8,600 Miles Away
By Julius Dennis - Jul 27, 2021
One thousand, seven hundred and sixty-eight Australian dollars. That’s how much it would cost for me to fly to Minneapolis tomorrow. And if the Wolves were playing […]
Last Year’s Draft Has Been Rosas’ Crowning Achievment So Far
By Julius Dennis - Jul 13, 2021
If the 2019 draft — or at least the top half of it — was the lowlight of Gersson Rosas’ time in the Twin Cities so far, […]
Would Gersson Rosas Do the DLo Trade Again?
By Julius Dennis - Jun 22, 2021
Welcome to revisionist history with Julius Dennis. I would like to begin by apologizing to the following players: Jeff Teague Treveon Graham Allen Crabbe I regret to […]
Why Hasn’t Rosas Been Able to Find a Big to Put Next to KAT?
By Julius Dennis - Jun 14, 2021
Black holes are considered to be the darkest places in the universe. So dark that no light can even escape. They suck things in, and they disappear […]
The Culver Miss Wasn’t a Harbinger of What’s to Come for Rosas
By Julius Dennis - Jun 7, 2021
How’s your summer going? Me? I’m just coolin’ in the southern hemisphere ‘winter,’ watching Leandro Bolmaro highlights and dreaming. That and watching players from the 2015, 2016, […]
Rosas’ Perplexing Handling Of the Point Guard Position
By Julius Dennis - May 31, 2021
Ah, the offseason, a time for reflection and speculation. Take no mind that a riveting first round of the NBA playoffs is taking place as we speak, […]
Even If They Lose Their Pick, the Wolves Provided Hope For Next Year
By Julius Dennis - May 24, 2021
As the Minnesota Timberwolves’ season came to an end, I found myself again thinking about futility. The last game of the regular season can be meaningless in […]