Last Year’s Draft Has Been Rosas’ Crowning Achievment So Far
By Julius Dennis - Jul 13, 2021
If the 2019 draft — or at least the top half of it — was the lowlight of Gersson Rosas’ time in the Twin Cities so far, […]
Would Gersson Rosas Do the DLo Trade Again?
By Julius Dennis - Jun 22, 2021
Welcome to revisionist history with Julius Dennis. I would like to begin by apologizing to the following players: Jeff Teague Treveon Graham Allen Crabbe I regret to […]
Why Hasn’t Rosas Been Able to Find a Big to Put Next to KAT?
By Julius Dennis - Jun 14, 2021
Black holes are considered to be the darkest places in the universe. So dark that no light can even escape. They suck things in, and they disappear […]
The Culver Miss Wasn’t a Harbinger of What’s to Come for Rosas
By Julius Dennis - Jun 7, 2021
How’s your summer going? Me? I’m just coolin’ in the southern hemisphere ‘winter,’ watching Leandro Bolmaro highlights and dreaming. That and watching players from the 2015, 2016, […]
Rosas’ Perplexing Handling Of the Point Guard Position
By Julius Dennis - May 31, 2021
Ah, the offseason, a time for reflection and speculation. Take no mind that a riveting first round of the NBA playoffs is taking place as we speak, […]
Even If They Lose Their Pick, the Wolves Provided Hope For Next Year
By Julius Dennis - May 24, 2021
As the Minnesota Timberwolves’ season came to an end, I found myself again thinking about futility. The last game of the regular season can be meaningless in […]
What Anthony Edwards Can Learn From Jimmy Butler
By Julius Dennis - May 11, 2021
Jimmy Butler, a man who once put pep in the step of Minnesota Timberwolves fans, has become its most infuriating instigator. Just the mention of his name […]
Will Ricky Rubio Finish Out His Contract in Minnesota?
By Julius Dennis - May 4, 2021
There are worse contracts in the NBA than Ricky Rubio’s. He is due $17.4 million next year, but he’s a serviceable point guard in a point guard-driven […]
Ranking Former Wolves Players For Fit
By Julius Dennis - Apr 26, 2021
Let’s begin with this: As a fanbase, we may have lost sight of what is important. As much as we want to make these final weeks of […]
What is Josh Okogie’s Future on Chris Finch’s Wolves?
By Julius Dennis - Apr 13, 2021
On bad teams, there are always players that find a special place in the hearts of fans. They are usually described as gritty and tough. Your uncle […]
The Wolves Lead the League in Comebacks, and That’s Not A Good Thing
By Julius Dennis - Apr 3, 2021
Last week’s optimism can be this week’s letdown. Such is the life of a Minnesota Timberwolves fan. Without a win over the New York Knicks that involved […]
Ricky Rubio Transformed Himself As a Shooter To Break Out Of His Slump
By Julius Dennis - Mar 27, 2021
Can you smell that? There is a slight optimism in the air. A fresh, rejuvenating scent that usually only comes around once a year for Minnesota Timberwolves […]