The Complicated Relationship Between KG and the Wolves
By Kyle Ratke - May 18, 2021
Over the weekend, former Minnesota Timberwolves legend Kevin Garnett was inducted into the Hall of Fame. As you know, the topic is kind of an awkward one. […]
The Timberwolves Are Losing Ping Pong Balls, and Fast
By Kyle Ratke - May 11, 2021
It was only about a month ago that the Minnesota Timberwolves and Houston Rockets seemed to be in competition for the worst record in the league. We […]
Looking Back At the Historic 2018 Draft Through Wolves-Colored Glasses
By Kyle Ratke - May 4, 2021
There are draft classes we’ll never forget, the groups you see in the rookie photoshoot, and say to yourself, Holy shit, those guys were all in the […]
What Can We Take Away From These Late-Season Wins?
By Kyle Ratke - Apr 27, 2021
Buckle up, Minnesota Timberwolves fans! The Wolves have won three of their last four games, including back-to-back wins over the Western Conference first-place Utah Jazz. Sure, the […]
What If the Wolves Win Too Many Games?
By Kyle Ratke - Apr 20, 2021
We’re at the point in the season for Minnesota Timberwolves fans where we are watching the standings for all the wrong reasons. Certainly, though, reasons we are […]
What Could New Ownership Mean for the Timberwolves?
By Kyle Ratke - Apr 12, 2021
After years of looking for the right buyer, reports surfaced over the weekend that Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor is close to selling the team to Alex Rodriguez […]
How the Timberwolves Are Keeping Fans Safe At Target Center
By Kyle Ratke - Apr 9, 2021
We’re getting back to some semblance of normal. For sports fans, that means being able to go back to games – in a limited capacity, being socially […]
The Wolves Have Some Decisions To Make On Their Pending Free Agents
By Kyle Ratke - Mar 30, 2021
As I’m writing this, the Minnesota Timberwolves just lost a five-point game to the Brooklyn Nets. A solid effort, certainly, but the loss drops Minnesota to 11-36 […]
What Will the Timberwolves Do With Ricky Rubio?
By Kyle Ratke - Mar 23, 2021
For a good but not great player, there’s been a lot of attention paid to Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio lately. Before we get into what […]
What Does a Trade for John Collins or Aaron Gordon Look Like?
By Kyle Ratke - Mar 17, 2021
Here we are at the trade deadline, and the Minnesota Timberwolves need a power forward. If only we knew before the season that they would need a […]
Timberwolves Cards You Should Buy
By Kyle Ratke - Mar 10, 2021
If you paid attention to anything I’ve been doing lately (which I highly recommend against), you know that I’ve gone off the deep end in the sports […]
The Wolves Can’t Score Without Beasley and Rubio is Upset
By Kyle Ratke - Mar 3, 2021
Is it just me or does it seem like it’s been six months since the Minnesota Timberwolves fired Ryan Saunders and hired Chris Finch as their head […]