The Twins Should Avoid These Free Agent Pitchers When the Lockout Ends
By Lou Hennessy - Mar 3, 2022
This offseason has been an absolute enigma for MLB teams and fans alike. It started with the frantic blaze of a rushed free agent blitz, with teams […]
The Twins and the Free Agent Pitchers That Got Away
By Lou Hennessy - Feb 24, 2022
The Minnesota Twins have had no shortage of baited lines that failed to reel in a big fish in free agency. Derek Falvey and Thad Levine have […]
The Saints Will Be Competing Against Premier Talent In 2022
By Lou Hennessy - Feb 17, 2022
By all accounts, the St. Paul Saints had a massively successful inaugural season as the Minnesota Twins’ top affiliate in 2021. Fans sold out CHS Field regularly. […]
Keep An Eye On These St. Paul Saints If The MLB Season Is Delayed
By Lou Hennessy - Feb 10, 2022
As the great Yogi Berra would say, it gets late early out here. Baseball is stuck in a waiting game, and the sands of the off-season hourglass […]
The Twins Should Call the Astros If They Are Serious About Trading Josh Donaldson
By Lou Hennessy - Feb 3, 2022
Josh Donaldson has made himself pretty comfortable with the Minnesota Twins. Every year, he gets a hefty paycheck, a spot in the middle of a strong lineup, […]
What the Steamer Projections for Incoming Twins Prospects Tell Us
By Lou Hennessy - Jan 27, 2022
Projecting a player’s performance can be volatile, especially for prospects who experts predict will make their major league debut in the coming season. For the Twins, […]
3 Low-Cost Free Agent Relievers Who Can Solidify Minnesota’s Bullpen
By Lou Hennessy - Jan 20, 2022
It’s easy to mock the Minnesota Twins’ bullpen additions from last off-season. Now that we’re no longer standing in the smoldering crater, inhaling the toxic fumes left […]
What Could the Twins Get For Jose Miranda Right Now?
By Lou Hennessy - Jan 5, 2022
The 2021 season didn’t provide many silver linings for the Minnesota Twins. It was a looming, dark cloud that seemed to go on for miles, covering what […]
The Twins Can Become the Island Of Misfit Starting Pitchers
By Lou Hennessy - Dec 30, 2021
As the Minnesota Twins settle into a cozy, lockout-induced hibernation by the fire, they can’t help but look out the window at all the fun their neighbors […]
Mitch Garver Doesn’t Get Enough Love
By Lou Hennessy - Dec 22, 2021
A lot has been made out of the Minnesota Twins’ commitment to star outfielder Byron Buxton, a player who has missed 51% of his team’s games over […]
Will the Twins Try to Copy Tampa Bay’s Pitching Blueprint?
By Lou Hennessy - Dec 15, 2021
The Minnesota Twins find themselves toeing a thin line as the league continues to stall in a lockout-induced dead zone. Their intention to remain in a competitive […]
Tony Oliva Is the Patron Saint Of the Twins Way
By Lou Hennessy - Dec 8, 2021
Sunday’s call from Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame was a long time coming for the patron saint of Minnesota Twins baseball. Tony Oliva celebrated with family […]