GELFAND: Think Twice Before Respecting Authority, Especially in Little League
By Mike Gelfand - May 25, 2017
In the 20 years I spent coaching baseball, my teams earned a trophy or two, while I earned my share of enemies. I can only hope that […]
GELFAND: Inside Aaron Rodgers’ Dalliances with Hollywood Starlets
By Mike Gelfand - May 9, 2017
Spring bloomed suddenly last week, and all I smelled were lilacs and tulips. Sure, the dandelions fought with the stinkweed and the creeping Charlie for dominance, but […]

Circle Rock Clothing

GELFAND: ESPN Laid Off the Wrong People
By Mike Gelfand - Apr 27, 2017
The shocking news flashed across the Internet. Think 48-point type: LAYOFFS AT ESPN INCLUDE ED WERDER, OTHER BIG NAMES. Before we address the Werder issue, it seems […]
GELFAND: The Minnesota Twins are Flawed, but Entertaining
By Mike Gelfand - Apr 13, 2017
And then there was Miguel Sano butchering a simple run-down play over the weekend.  It was baseball’s version of high comedy, which, I’ll admit, isn’t saying much. […]
GELFAND: Gonzaga Didn’t Get Jobbed by the Officials
By Mike Gelfand - Apr 6, 2017
Pop quiz: A lot of fouls were called in the Gonzaga-North Carolina game because: There were a lot of fouls; or The perfidious officials were out to […]
Mike Gelfand on March Madness Ads: “Dick Vitale Simply Makes Me Nostalgic for the Jared Era”
By Mike Gelfand - Mar 30, 2017
Like many troubled Americans, I have spent some time “talking to someone,” the operative euphemism for spending $140 for a 50-minute session in which a skilled professional […]
March Madness is Killing Mike Gelfand (and He’s Loving It)
By Mike Gelfand - Mar 23, 2017
We cannot live without hope, and nowhere is this more poignantly and tragically expressed than at the racetrack. And so the story is told of the million-dollar […]
Gelfand: We Witnessed a Michigan Miracle, and Who the Hell are the Blue Raiders?
By Mike Gelfand - Mar 14, 2017
Before we can discuss the Michigan Miracle, we must address the Middle Tennessee State issue. I must admit that when I saw that our Gophers would be […]
Gelfand: Love the NCAA Tournament; This Gopher Team? Not So Much
By Mike Gelfand - Mar 9, 2017
You can have your Mardi Gras and your New Year’s Eve and you can even have your cake and eat it, too. The hell with all of […]
Gelfand: Las Vegas, Legalized Gambling Isn’t Going to Corrupt Professional Sports
By Mike Gelfand - Feb 13, 2017
I once had the lukewarm pleasure of interviewing a crusty old football announcer named Beano Cook. Beano is long gone, but I still cringe at the memory […]
The Story of Mike Gelfand’s Ultimate Super Bowl Prop Bet
By Mike Gelfand - Feb 4, 2017
The story begins with my boss, the Lone Star Legend, hopping off a plane in Vegas with a briefcase chained to his wrist. Neatly packaged inside the […]