What Happened to Working on the Offensive Line?
By Noah Cierzan - Mar 18, 2021
Coming into the 2021 offseason, the Minnesota Vikings had some patches to be filled throughout the roster. A safety situation here, a defensive lineman there, but none […]
The Vikings Have to Keep Danielle Hunter in Minnesota
By Noah Cierzan - Mar 16, 2021
Monday marked the beginning of legal tampering, and thus the beginning of free-agent frenzy in the NFL. While the Minnesota Vikings come into the period with roughly […]
Mike Zimmer Needs a New Kicker and a New Approach
By Noah Cierzan - Mar 11, 2021
On Tuesday, the Minnesota Vikings announced that they had cut ties with kicker Dan Bailey. This came as no surprise to the Minnesota faithful. I think I […]
The Parity Amongst Draft Experts is Good For the Vikings
By Noah Cierzan - Mar 10, 2021
NFL Draft Twitter was set ablaze last week when NFL analyst Chris Simms sent out his quarterback rankings for the upcoming draft. You don’t find out who’s […]
The Vikings STILL Haven’t Fully Bought Into Their Franchise Guy
By Noah Cierzan - Mar 6, 2021
Rick Spielman started his offseason press conference earlier this week by putting a stop to any questions marks regarding who the signal-caller would be for the Vikings […]
J.A. Happ is the Latest Veteran the Twins are Trying to Revitalize
By Noah Cierzan - Mar 4, 2021
J.A. Happ arrived in Fort Myers on Wednesday after missing the beginning of Spring Training. He and Matt Shoemaker were signed for a combined $10 million to […]
Don’t Fall into the Wide Receiver Trap
By Noah Cierzan - Feb 26, 2021
There have been countless names thrown around in the speculation about who the Minnesota Vikings are eyeing come April 19. After a 7-9 season, it’s safe to […]
Minnesota Should Prioritize Edge Rusher in the Draft
By Noah Cierzan - Jan 14, 2021
The Minnesota Vikings have myriad issues after finishing 7-9, aka the Jeff Fisher special. While there are multiple culpable parties here, Mike Zimmer’s ragtag bunch of misfits […]
5 Bowl-Bound Players on Minnesota’s Wish List
By Noah Cierzan - Dec 25, 2020
As we reach the end of 2020, it’s time to start curating some sort of ‘Wish List’ for the Minnesota Vikings offseason. The clock has essentially run […]
The Loser of the Bears Game Will Officially Enter Football Purgatory
By Noah Cierzan - Dec 19, 2020
It’s been hard to put into words the significance of this week’s game against the Chicago Bears. Following another missed opportunity against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, labeling […]
The Vikings Could Experience “Drafter’s Regret” Up Close This Weekend
By Noah Cierzan - Dec 11, 2020
When the Vikings travel down to Tompa Tampa Bay for a pivotal matchup against the Buccaneers, they’ll see a new-look Bucs. While everyone wants to talk about […]
Spielman’s Draft History Has Set Up Special Teams Woes
By Noah Cierzan - Dec 3, 2020
Sunday’s 28-27 victory over the Carolina Panthers was about as ugly as they come for Mike Zimmer and Co. This sentiment culminated on a single play with […]