Minnesota Should Prioritize Edge Rusher in the Draft
By Noah Cierzan - Jan 14, 2021
The Minnesota Vikings have myriad issues after finishing 7-9, aka the Jeff Fisher special. While there are multiple culpable parties here, Mike Zimmer’s ragtag bunch of misfits […]
5 Bowl-Bound Players on Minnesota’s Wish List
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The Loser of the Bears Game Will Officially Enter Football Purgatory
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It’s been hard to put into words the significance of this week’s game against the Chicago Bears. Following another missed opportunity against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, labeling […]
The Vikings Could Experience “Drafter’s Regret” Up Close This Weekend
By Noah Cierzan - Dec 11, 2020
When the Vikings travel down to Tompa Tampa Bay for a pivotal matchup against the Buccaneers, they’ll see a new-look Bucs. While everyone wants to talk about […]
Spielman’s Draft History Has Set Up Special Teams Woes
By Noah Cierzan - Dec 3, 2020
Sunday’s 28-27 victory over the Carolina Panthers was about as ugly as they come for Mike Zimmer and Co. This sentiment culminated on a single play with […]
How Jaguars Fans are Plotting to Get the Vikings’ 4th Round Pick
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Following the Minnesota Vikings win over the Chicago Bears, my mindless Twitter scrolling was filled with overwhelming positivity from the community. Whether it was the lack of […]
How the Vikings Should Game Plan for Chicago’s Front Seven
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This week’s game is surely circled on Kirk Cousins‘ calendar. Not only is the game on Monday Night, where he holds an 0-9 record, but it is […]
Can the Vikings Get More Out of Kyle Rudolph?
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Exactly one month ago, Bo Mitchell wrote about Irv Smith and his non-existent presence in the Minnesota Vikings passing game. It’s undeniable that Smith could be more […]
How Moving On From Cousins Could Actually Happen
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Through six games, the Minnesota Vikings are in disarray. While there are myriad issues with Mike Zimmer’s squad, it all starts with their $66 million man. Kirk […]
Would the Vikings Consider Trading Yannick Ngakoue?
By Noah Cierzan - Oct 16, 2020
Following the departure of Everson Griffen in the offseason, the Vikings were in need of a pass rusher to play opposite of their stud Danielle Hunter. This […]