Tiny Nick’s Gambling Picks: 10/30
By Nick Hamaty - Oct 30, 2020
Locks No Locks today. Degenerates Hawaii/Wyoming over 60 (-110): On a day with few options, college football has become the highlight of sports on a Friday night […]
Tiny Nick’s Gambling Picks: 10/29
By Nick Hamaty - Oct 29, 2020
Locks Carolina Panthers ML (-120): Teddy Bridgewater and the Panthers will look to get back on track at home against an Atlanta team that manages to lose […]
Tiny Nick’s Gambling Picks: 10/27
By Nick Hamaty - Oct 27, 2020
Locks No Locks today. Degenerates  Rays ML (+120): This Rays team most likely won’t go out without a fight, and in this series it almost feels like […]
Tiny Nick’s Gambling Picks: 10/26
By Nick Hamaty - Oct 26, 2020
Locks No Locks today. Degenerates  2-Team 6-Point Teaser; Bears +12.5, Under 51 (-110): Tonight’s game should be one of the better games of the week. The Bears […]
Tiny Nick’s Gambling Picks: 10/25
By Nick Hamaty - Oct 25, 2020
Locks 2-Team 6 Point-Teaser; Packers +3, Chiefs -1: One of my favorite things to do on NFL Sundays is the good ol’ two-team teaser. It’s always extra […]
Tiny Nick’s Gambling Picks: 10/24
By Nick Hamaty - Oct 24, 2020
Locks Temple/Memphis over 70 (-110): If I was an oddsmaker lining this total, I’d make it in the 80s. Seriously. Temple’s two opponents this season, Navy and […]
Tiny Nick’s Gambling Picks: 10/23
By Nick Hamaty - Oct 23, 2020
Locks  Wisconsin -20 vs. Illinois (-110): After having a hard time finding a pick I was confident enough to put in the lock category the last few […]
Tiny Nick’s Gambling Picks: 10/22
By Nick Hamaty - Oct 22, 2020
Locks No Locks today. Degenerates Daniel Jones Over 228.5 Passing Yards (-110): I’ll be the first person to tell you that Daniel Jones is not a good […]
Tiny Nick’s Gambling Picks: 10/21
By Nick Hamaty - Oct 21, 2020
Locks No Locks today. Degenerates Rays-Dodgers Over 8 (-110): We’ve reached a point of the year in which there are nights with only one or two games […]
Tiny Nick’s Gambling Picks: 10/20
By Nick Hamaty - Oct 20, 2020
Locks No Locks today. Degenerates Rays +1.5 (-120): On a day in which there is literally only one game to bet on, the Rays continue to be […]
Tiny Nick’s Gambling Picks: 10/19
By Nick Hamaty - Oct 19, 2020
Locks  Chiefs +2, Chiefs-Bills Over 48.5; 2-Team 6 Point Teaser (-110): The line is moving fast on this game since it opened as a 3.5 point underdog. […]
Tiny Nick’s Gambling Picks: 10/18
By Nick Hamaty - Oct 18, 2020
2 Team 6 Point Tease; Ravens -3, Colts -2: As much as I love the Ravens, this one has more to do with how much I love […]