On Rachel Nichols, and the National Media’s Unique Relationship With Wolves Fans
By Troy Asseln - Jul 12, 2021
It has been over a week since the New York Times leaked the Rachel Nichols “hot mic” phone call. If you missed some of the hottest extracurricular […]
Green Bay Packers
Kenny Clark Has Become a Linchpin In Green Bay’s Defense
By Troy Asseln - Jul 8, 2021
Offensive players get all the attention in the news. However, it’s the defensive side of the ball that will be the most important variable for the Green […]
Green Bay Packers
What the Packers Can Learn From the Bucks
By Troy Asseln - Jun 22, 2021
While I am a Minnesota Timberwolves fan first and foremost, let me say this: It has been incredibly satisfying to follow the Milwaukee Bucks during this incredible […]
Chris Finch’s Influence Extends To the Iowa Wolves
By Troy Asseln - Jun 21, 2021
A tumultuous Minnesota Timberwolves season has finally seen a sea change in its coaching staff. Chris Finch was brought in after former head coach Ryan Saunders was […]
Green Bay Packers
Jermichael Finley and What Could Have Been
By Troy Asseln - Jun 17, 2021
Oftentimes, the culture around social media and the general way in which fans interact with sports in their daily lives errs on the side of frenetic and […]
Hear Me Out, Kyle Kuzma Could Help the Wolves
By Troy Asseln - Jun 15, 2021
For teams that missed the post-season, the playoffs are a great time to scout talent. Playoff experience adds a degree of intensity and vigor that is otherwise […]
Green Bay Packers
You Should Listen to James Jones
By Troy Asseln - Jun 10, 2021
The Aaron Rodgers saga is the biggest story in the NFL right now. I don’t make the rules; that’s just the way things are. In a league […]
Nerlens Noel Would Bring a Toughness the Wolves Are Lacking
By Troy Asseln - Jun 8, 2021
For as long as I have followed the Minnesota Timberwolves, the team has lacked one distinct attribute: toughness. No, we’re not counting the Jimmy Butler-era Wolves as […]
Green Bay Packers
What If Jordy Nelson Had Finished Out His Career in Green Bay?
By Troy Asseln - Jun 3, 2021
A few years ago, a buddy of mine and I were out at a townie bar in small-town Minnesota. He’s a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan, so our […]
Green Bay Packers
Making Sense of Rodgers’ Perplexing SportsCenter Appearance
By Troy Asseln - May 27, 2021
The most recent interview with Aaron Rodgers has been perplexing, to say the least. Rodgers guest-starred on Kenny Mayne’s last SportsCenter showing, a rare public speaking appearance […]
Green Bay Packers
Don’t Forget About Kevin King
By Troy Asseln - May 20, 2021
Kevin King is the forgotten man in Green Bay. Initially, the focus of the offseason spotlight due to his performance in the NFC Championship Game, King has […]
Green Bay Packers
Rodgers or No Rodgers, These are 3 Must-Watch Games in 2021
By Troy Asseln - May 13, 2021
The 2021 NFL schedule is finally out. It’s funny how the schedule release comes at such a slow burn, building hype throughout the day with little leaks […]