1/7: Utah Jazz Go on 11-0 Run, Beat Minnesota Timberwolves Late in 4th Quarter
By Tom Schreier - Jan 8, 2017
The Minnesota Timberwolves “won the third quarter” 32-22 and held a lead well into the fourth quarter in Saturday’s game, but the Utah Jazz went on an […]
PG: Game of the Year (Part 1)
By Tom Schreier - Jan 5, 2017
Join Henry Bell, Brandon Bowling and Tom Schreier as they discuss their nomination for Game of the Year. This podcast was divided into two episodes because it […]
PG: Russia vs. Overwatch, the French Join Battlefield 1 and Winter Updates
By Tom Schreier - Dec 22, 2016
Join Henry Bell, Brandon Bowling and Tom Schreier as they discuss the Suicide Squad game that got cancelled (1:00:00), Russia banning an Overwatch comic (1:03:00), and a […]
For Minnesota Timberwolves Coach Tom Thibodeau, Success Comes from ‘Connectedness’
By Tom Schreier - Dec 22, 2016
Tom Thibodeau’s notion that connectedness leads to success should come as surprise to nobody who has watched the Minnesota Timberwolves play this year. They play well for about three-quarters […]
LaVine, Wiggins, Towns All Deliver in 115-108 Timberwolves Win Over Suns
By Tom Schreier - Dec 19, 2016
If the Minnesota Timberwolves (8-19) are going to scale the NBA standings, they are going to have to beat teams like the 8-20 Phoenix Suns. The Wolves picked […]
Tom Thibodeau Knew What He Was Getting Into with the Minnesota Timberwolves
By Tom Schreier - Dec 13, 2016
When you come in, you come into a new situation and you evaluate. And I studied before I took the job, so I knew what I was […]
12/11: Minnesota Timberwolves Blow 3rd Quarter Lead, Lose to Golden State 116-108
By Tom Schreier - Dec 11, 2016
The Minnesota Timberwolves held an 88-78 lead over Golden State heading into the 4th quarter, having outscored the Warriors 30-18 in the third frame. But that lead […]
Thibodeau After Minnesota Timberwolves Lose 117-90 to Detroit: “I’m Gonna Keep Coming”
By Tom Schreier - Dec 9, 2016
Tom Thibodeau is tired of this. Tired of losing. Tired of losing in the same fashion. Tired of his message not getting through to his young and talented team. After the […]
PG: Will Ferrell eSports Movie, PlayStation Experience and The Last Guardian
By Tom Schreier - Dec 8, 2016
Join Henry Bell, Brandon Bowling and Tom Schreier as they discuss Will Ferrell portraying an eSports player in an upcoming movie (1:12:45), a huge Mario Maker omission […]
PG: The Division Survival Mode, No Man’s Sky Update and Watch Dogs 2
By Tom Schreier - Dec 2, 2016
Join Henry Bell and Brandon Bowling as they discuss hazards in the new Overwatch map, cross-platform VR games and the No Man’s Sky update. But first they […]
With Hunter, Cuddyer and Hawkins, Falvey and Lavine Aim to Fix, Not Torch, Twins
By Tom Schreier - Nov 29, 2016
For those who were hoping that chief baseball officer Derek Falvey and general manager Thad Levine were showing up to Target Field with dynamite and blow the […]
The Minnesota Timberwolves Revolution is Going to Take Time
By Tom Schreier - Nov 28, 2016
We’re striving to be a 48-minute team and we’re not close to that, there’s a lot of work to be done. — Tom Thibodeau at a Nov. […]