What the Toronto Dunk Says About Anthony Edwards’ Future
By Spencer Nelson - Feb 25, 2021
It was arguably the dunk of the year so far in the NBA. Toronto Raptors defender DeAndre’ Bembry tried to jump a Jordan McLaughlin pass, Anthony Edwards […]
The Case for Trading KAT This Year
By Spencer Nelson - Feb 19, 2021
Well, it’s that time of the year again. The season is over. That’s really all that there is to say: It’s over. And that’s fine. Karl-Anthony Towns’ […]
Jarred Vanderbilt Has Been the Anti-Ant Man
By Spencer Nelson - Feb 3, 2021
Let’s play a game, shall we? There are 10 statistics that I would consider to be the bedrock of a box score. Within these 10 stats, you’ll […]
The 10-Seed Might Give the Wolves False Hope This Year
By Spencer Nelson - Jan 21, 2021
The Minnesota Timberwolves season isn’t over yet, but it might be best if they lose the next four games so that it can be. Disagree? Let’s consult […]
The Sequence That Sums Up The Start To Anthony Edwards’ Career
By Spencer Nelson - Jan 13, 2021
On Saturday night, a play unfolded that was a microcosm of Anthony Edwards’ first 10 NBA games and, I would argue, his time at Georgia as well. […]
How Are The Wolves This Bad Without KAT?
By Spencer Nelson - Jan 7, 2021
In case you have not noticed, the Minnesota Timberwolves are bad right now. By Synergy’s Points Per Possessions metrics, they have the 5th worst offense and the […]
Jarrett Culver Is (Still) On The Rise
By Spencer Nelson - Dec 30, 2020
Jarrett Culver has come a long way in five years. From an unheralded, two-star, unranked recruit with only a handful of mid-major offers, to a full ride […]
A Pirate’s Guide to This Year’s Timberwolves
By Spencer Nelson - Dec 23, 2020
Ahoy, me hearties! Come one, come all, and gather ‘round ye quartermaster, Spencer Nelson, for the present year’s Minnesota Timberwolves season preview. As keepin’ with ye’s ol’ […]
Jake Layman is More of a Glue Guy Than a Floor Spacer
By Spencer Nelson - Dec 16, 2020
Jake Layman has become a bit of a legend in his short time in Minneapolis. And I don’t mean “legend,” in a Kevin Garnett sort of way, […]
ESPN is Wrong About D’Angelo Russell’s Ranking
By Spencer Nelson - Dec 11, 2020
ESPN released their three installments (ESPN+ required) in their annual list of the top 100 players in the NBA, and the results have been, well, mixed. Before […]
Leandro Bolmaro’s Passive Mindset Holds Him Back
By Spencer Nelson - Dec 3, 2020
When the Minnesota Timberwolves flipped the 25th pick and a future 2nd rounder to the New York Knicks in order to move up two slots and select […]
The Robert Covington Trade Doesn’t Look Great in Hindsight
By Spencer Nelson - Nov 25, 2020
It was the move that precipitated “The Move.” While the Andrew Wiggins trade for D’Angelo Russell is going to be remembered as the biggest swap from this […]