Gophers’ Lynch Jailed, Suspended For Sexual Assault Allegations
By Sam Ekstrom - May 9, 2016

Circle Rock Clothing

How the Gophers Could Make a Tourney Run in Two Seasons
By Sam Ekstrom - Mar 9, 2016
Gophers’ Suspensions An Attempt to Mend Culture
By Sam Ekstrom - Mar 2, 2016
FIRST REPORT: Gophers Suspend Three Players For Season
By Sam Ekstrom - Mar 1, 2016
A nightmarish Gophers basketball season took yet another downward turn Tuesday when sophomore Nate Mason and freshmen Dupree McBrayer and Kevin Dorsey, Jr., were suspended for the […]
Gophers Podcast Coming Soon!
By Tom Schreier - Mar 1, 2016
The Cold Omaha Podcast Network plans to add a University of Minnesota Gophers podcast in the near future. Sam Ekstrom is currently covering Gopher basketball for Cold […]
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Gophers’ Release Statements Regarding Basketball Suspensions
By Sam Ekstrom - Mar 1, 2016
How Did the Gophers Beat Maryland?
By Sam Ekstrom - Feb 18, 2016
Morris Dismissed from Men’s Basketball Program
By Sam Ekstrom - Feb 17, 2016
Analyzing the Gophers’ Chances of Getting a Big Ten Win
By Sam Ekstrom - Feb 11, 2016
The Golden Gophers basketball team hit the two-thirds mark of the Big Ten season without a win Wednesday night when their comeback against the Michigan Wolverines fell […]
Winless Gophers Can’t Get Over the Hump
By Sam Ekstrom - Jan 28, 2016
After getting dropped by the Purdue Boilermakers 68-64 on Wednesday night, the Golden Gophers now sit at 6-14 overall and 0-9 in the Big Ten with nine […]
Gophers Pulling Out All the Stops to Stay Motivated in Disappointing Season
By Sam Ekstrom - Jan 19, 2016
Next Step For Gophers is Learning to Finish Games
By Sam Ekstrom - Jan 8, 2016