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Aaron Rodgers Renews Green Bay Country Club Membership
By Ethan Thomas - Jun 19, 2021
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Would Golden Tate Make Sense for the Packers?
By Preet Shah - Jun 19, 2021
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Has Anyone Else Gone From Panicking About Rodgers To Being Excited For Jordan Love?
By Mitch Widmeier - Jun 18, 2021
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Jermichael Finley and What Could Have Been
By Troy Asseln - Jun 17, 2021
Oftentimes, the culture around social media and the general way in which fans interact with sports in their daily lives errs on the side of frenetic and […]
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3 Forgotten Packers Receivers During the Rodgers Era
By John Egan - Jun 17, 2021
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has thrown touchdowns to more than 40 different people during his tenure with the team. Wide receivers, tight ends, running backs, […]
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Don’t Be Fooled, Aaron Rodgers Is Basking in the Attention and Being a Master Troll
By Mitch Widmeier - Jun 16, 2021
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Tom Brady Takes Shot at Packers in BR Interview With Aaron Rodgers
By Ethan Thomas - Jun 15, 2021
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Where Does Davante Adams Rank Among Packers Greats?
By Chris Callaway - Jun 15, 2021
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Don’t Look Now, But the Packers WR Room May Be Pretty Full
By Mitch Widmeier - Jun 14, 2021
Fans far and wide have complained about the Green Bay Packers’ need for more depth at wide receiver. Specifically, a legitimate No. 2 behind Davante Adams. Those […]
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Jason La Canfora Destroys Packers Management Over Rodgers Situation
By Ethan Thomas - Jun 14, 2021
It seems as though anyone who has ever even heard about the game of football has an opinion on the Aaron Rodgers saga. The opinions range from […]
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What Did the Packers Miss Out On When They Took Eddie Lacy?
By Carter Cox - Jun 12, 2021
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Rashan Gary Is the X-Factor On the Packers Defense
By Mitch Widmeier - Jun 11, 2021