FOOTBALL MACHINE: Hour 1 – Vikings Predictions and 4th Of July Draft
July 3, 2019
 The gang is back together and ready to talk about their exciting vacations and decide which Hogwarts House each host belongs to, then finally discusses some […]
FOOTBALL MACHINE: Hour 2 – Special Teams, Rookies and the 2020 Draft
June 26, 2019
Sam is in France, Arif is in Florida, who knows where Tom is?  We’ve got the Bash Brothers, Sam and Daniel House here to take calls and […]

FOOTBALL MACHINE: Hour 1 – Zone Run Game and Play Action
June 26, 2019
It’s just Luke and special guest Daniel House this week to discuss how Gary Kubiak is going to help turn this offense around, how that will help […]
FOOTBALL MACHINE: Hour 2 – Twitter Questions, Before & After
June 19, 2019
Sam, Tom, and Arif answer some of your Twitter questions and take some listener phone calls, including a discussion about a disappointing summer at the box office, […]
FOOTBALL MACHINE: Hour 1 – 53-Man Projection, Vikings Legends Draft
June 19, 2019
Sam, Tom, and Arif discuss O.J. Simpson joining the world of Twitter, share their post mini-camp 53-man roster projections, Todd Gurley being diagnosed with knee arthritis, Josh […]
FOOTBALL MACHINE: Hour 2 – Will the Vikings Extend Cousins Next Year?
June 12, 2019
Which Viking would host the best podcast? Sam, Arif, and Luke debate Viking personalities, the best on field scuffles, and the most likely Twin to play for […]
FOOTBALL MACHINE: Hour 1 – The Rudolph Situation Has Been Resolved
June 12, 2019
Sam, Luke, and Arif break down what they’ve been watching at practice from exotic looks on the defensive line, to the mounting offensive skill players currently unable […]
FOOTBALL MACHINE: Hour 2 – Emerging Players from OTAs and Speculating Roster Spots
June 5, 2019
We’re all a little buzzed from our chugging challenge, as we pore over Twitter questions, take in some calls and discuss which scenarios are easiest to swallow. […]
FOOTBALL MACHINE: Hour 1 – Luke Returns for OTA Reviews
June 5, 2019
 Luke is back! And we catch him up on everything he’s missed from OTAs. We debate which injuries would be the hardest to overcome and which […]
FOOTBALL MACHINE: Hour 2 – OTA Standouts, Pass Interference, and Old Faces in New Places
May 29, 2019
Special Guest Daniel House joins us again for Hour 2 as we explore the depths of this Vikings roster as OTAs start to show us a glimpse […]
FOOTBALL MACHINE: Hour 1 – Wide Receiver Depth and Franchise QBs
May 29, 2019
Daniel House joins the show with Luke Inman out and about in Greece. We’ve got hot takes on OTAs, all time franchise quarterbacks, games, bets and pranks. […]
FOOTBALL MACHINE: Hour 2 – OTA Injuries & Stars, Plus GoT Reactions
May 22, 2019
BEWARE we’ve got GoT spoilers throughout this episode as we react to the final season. We also dive into OTAs and how this roster will develop throughout […]