MIDWEST SWING: Eno Sarris of Fangraphs
March 9, 2016
Eno Sarris joins the program to talk Mets, fantasy baseball, BBWAA, Fangraphs+, Beer, Sandwiches and so much more. Eno’s an MLB writer at ESPN Insider and Fangraphs […]
MIDWEST SWING: Michael Baumann
March 2, 2016
Baseball Prospectus’ Michael Baumann joins the program to discuss MLB labor issues, the Phillies rebuilding efforts and of course, college baseball. Michael’s an MLB writer at FanRag […]

Circle Rock Clothing

February 24, 2016
Paul Sporer joins the program to discuss Texas, MLB The Show, and of course, pitching and fantasy baseball. Oh, and there’s a little dachshund talk as well. […]
MIDWEST SWING – Bryan Grosnick of Baseball Prospectus
February 18, 2016
Brandon is joined by Bryan Grosnick of Baseball Prospectus and BP Boston to talk projections, the Mets and an American League that is completely bananas. A Cold […]
MIDWEST SWING – Luke Inman of eDraft and Cold Omaha
February 9, 2016
Luke Inman joins Brandon to recap the Super Bowl, retirements and to grade the Vikings 2015 season. A little football recap before baseball season hits. Subscribe to […]
MIDWEST SWING: Dan Szymborski of ESPN
February 3, 2016
This week, Brandon is joined by Dan Szymborski of ESPN to discuss Baltimore, Cincinnati chili, ZiPS, cat strategy, ‘meh’ rotations and everything in between.
MIDWEST SWING: Twins Payroll and Twitter/Facebook Q&A
February 1, 2016
Brandon does a one-hour soliloquy on his thought regarding the Twins and their payroll, with a little help from some of his friends on Twitter and Facebook.
MIDWEST SWING PODCAST: Who Are the Teams to Beat?
January 21, 2016
Brandon is joined by Jon Becker of Roster Resource as the guys break down the offseason. More specifically, they look at a topsy-turvy American League and a […]
January 13, 2016
In the inaugural episode of Midwest Swing, Cold Omaha contributor Brandon Warne discusses the Minnesota Vikings hangover, the state of the AL Central and Fangraphs’ projections. Why […]