Home Run Derby

GELFAND: Bombs over Bunts — Lamenting the Bygone Era of the Sacrifice
By Mike Gelfand - Jul 13, 2019

Midwest Swing: Twins vs. Indians Preview w/ Chris from Cleveland
By Brandon Warne - Jul 12, 2019
Midwest Swing: Tom’s Home, All-Star Snubs, Listener Questions
By Brandon Warne - Jul 5, 2019
Mike Gelfand on the “Dreaded Four-Day Black Hole Known as the All-Star Break”
By Mike Gelfand - Jul 14, 2017
A gambler’s character is tested often, and sometimes at great risk. My friend Foul Mouth Dave — a legend at the racetrack — met his greatest crucible […]
Miguel Sano Falls to Aaron Judge in Home Run Derby Finals
By Cold Omaha Wire - Jul 11, 2017
Minnesota Twins slugger Miguel Sano lost to projected favorite Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees in last night’s Home Run Derby in Miami. Sano dispatched AL […]
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MTB Likes Lowertown and the Jason Isbell’s Show, but NOT ESPN’s New Lineups!
By Michael Knight - Jul 9, 2017
REPORTS: Miguel Sano Will Compete in Home Run Derby
By Brandon Warne - Jun 28, 2017