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3/31 PREGAME: Minnesota Wild vs. Dallas Stars
By Heather Rule - Mar 31, 2018

Circle Rock Clothing

3/27 PREGAME: Minnesota Wild vs. Nashville Predators
By Heather Rule - Mar 27, 2018
3/17 PREGAME: Minnesota Wild vs. Arizona Coyotes
By Heather Rule - Mar 17, 2018
3/16 PREGAME: Minnesota Wild vs. Vegas Golden Knights
By Heather Rule - Mar 16, 2018
March madness indeed. The Minnesota Wild finally get their chance to play the Vegas Golden Knights at T-Mobile Arena. The Golden Knights (45-20-5) have put on a […]
The 2018 Minnesota Wild Infuriation Tournament
By Ben Remington - Mar 16, 2018
A tradition like no other, the Wild Infuriation Tournament returns for its third season. The first season has been mostly lost to the depths of the internet […]
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3/13 PREGAME: Colorado Avalanche vs. Minnesota Wild
By Heather Rule - Mar 13, 2018
GILES AND THE GOALIE Ep. 141: Russo’s Backup
By Giles Ferrell - Mar 12, 2018
3/10 PREGAME: Minnesota Wild vs. Edmonton Oilers
By Heather Rule - Mar 10, 2018
3/9 PREGAME: Minnesota Wild vs. Vancouver Canucks
By Heather Rule - Mar 9, 2018
Yet another set of back-to-back road games as part of March Madness for the Minnesota wild. They’ll start this set with a game out west in Vancouver. […]
Potential Iowa Wild Call-ups
By Giles Ferrell - Mar 6, 2018
Luke Kunin‘s ACL injury was unfortunate for the Wild, as they finally had cleared cap space at the Feb. 26 trade deadline to get him back up […]
3/6 PREGAME: Carolina Hurricanes vs. Minnesota Wild
By Heather Rule - Mar 6, 2018
Breaking Down Luke Kunin’s ACL Injury
By Lucas Seehafer - Mar 5, 2018