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GELFAND: The Furniture Man and Week Five Picks
By Mike Gelfand - Oct 5, 2019

GELFAND: Jockocracy and Week Four Picks
By Mike Gelfand - Sep 28, 2019
GELFAND: Bet Freely, Bet Often and Bet More….and Week Two Picks
By Mike Gelfand - Sep 14, 2019

GELFAND: Modernized Stockholm Syndrome and Week 1 Picks
By Mike Gelfand - Sep 6, 2019
As I ponder the predictive numbers emanating from America’s citadel of broken dreams, I find myself humbled even before the beginning of another NFL season. Who am […]
GELFAND: Bombs over Bunts — Lamenting the Bygone Era of the Sacrifice
By Mike Gelfand - Jul 13, 2019
In this year of the check-swing home run, the most risible baseball anachronism has to be the All-Star game’s home run derby. Because that’s pretty much what […]
Midwest Swing: Twins Mailbag w/ Mike Gelfand & Ryan Turnquist
By Brandon Warne - May 22, 2019
GELFAND: Bettors, Bracket Fillers Should Regret Picking Duke in the NCAA Tournament
By Mike Gelfand - Mar 27, 2019
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GELFAND: The Negative Indicator Returns for Championship Weekend Picks
By Mike Gelfand - Jan 19, 2019
GELFAND: Debating the Kiss Cam and a Divisional Round Pick
By Mike Gelfand - Jan 11, 2019
The final seven games of the NFL season often produce memorable results, but that doesn’t make them wagering opportunities. Indeed, as the games get bigger, the lines […]
GELFAND: Mama Gelfand, Champale and a Wild Card Pick
By Mike Gelfand - Jan 4, 2019
My mother viewed herself as something of a social renegade. Although she stopped short of embracing the lifestyle of her somewhat felonious cousins, she spent her maternal […]
GELFAND: That Ain’t My Truck….and a Week 16 Pick
By Mike Gelfand - Dec 22, 2018
GELFAND: The Serial Offender and Week 14 Picks
By Mike Gelfand - Dec 8, 2018