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Midwest Swing: Josh Kusnick
By Brandon Warne - Mar 7, 2019
Midwest Swing: Ryan Turnquist on Sano, Marwin, & Pitching!
By Brandon Warne - Mar 6, 2019
Midwest Swing: Mike Cameron
By Brandon Warne - Feb 27, 2019
Midwest Swing: Glendon Rusch
By Brandon Warne - Feb 22, 2019
Former 88 MPH Throwing Average Major Leaguer Glendon Rusch (@GlendonRusch) joins the show to talk about his twelve year journey through the major leagues, including his time […]
Midwest Swing: Opening Day Lineups with Ryan Turnquist
By Brandon Warne - Feb 15, 2019
Ryan Turnquist (@2__CANEZ) is back! We talk free agency and contracts, Kepler and Polanco, Liriano vs. Santana vs. Berrios, In This Episode: Twins Payroll & Free Agent Breakdown [2:00] […]
Midwest Swing: Darin Mastroianni
By Brandon Warne - Feb 6, 2019
Midwest Swing: Multi-Faceted Levi Weaver & Twins Payroll Breakdown
By Brandon Warne - Jan 30, 2019
Midwest Swing: MLB Lefty Eric O’Flaherty & Twins Prospects
By Brandon Warne - Jan 23, 2019
Midwest Swing: Mike Berardino Reveals Hall of Fame Ballot, Weighs In On Twins Payroll
By Brandon Warne - Jan 18, 2019
Mike Berardino (@MikeBerardino) shares his MLB Hall of Fame ballot with us, breaks down his decision to include/exclude certain players, and discusses the voting and balloting process […]
Midwest Swing: Phillies Outfielder Lane Adams
By Brandon Warne - Jan 16, 2019
On today’s episode Phillies outfielder Lane Adams (@LA_Swiftness) calls in to talk about topics ranging from his ability on the basketball court to the downfalls of the Minor […]
Midwest Swing: Rocco Baldelli, Joe Mauer Jersey Retirement, 2019 Win Predictions
By Brandon Warne - Jan 9, 2019
Midwest Swing: Locked On Twins Reunion, Nelson Cruz, and Free Agents!
By Brandon Warne - Jan 4, 2019