The Minnesota Line

THE MINNESOTA LINE: Colton Gets Reckless
By Sam Ekstrom - Jan 16, 2019

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THE MINNESOTA LINE: Wild Card Wackiness
By Sam Ekstrom - Jan 10, 2019
By Sam Ekstrom - Dec 27, 2018
THE MINNESOTA LINE: Missed Opportunities + Week 16 Picks
By Mike Gelfand - Dec 21, 2018
Mike Gelfand and Sam Ekstrom discuss their Week 15 results without Colton, who Mike is disappointed in. They look ahead to Week 16 and discuss their holiday […]
THE MINNESOTA LINE: Colton Finally Hit a Parlay, Week 9 Picks & Breeder’s Cup
By Mike Gelfand - Nov 2, 2018
Mike Gelfand, Colton Molesky and Sam Ekstrom are back for more sports betting fun. Colton takes a decisive lead in the bankroll standings with a wild parlay […]
THE MINNESOTA LINE: A Wacky First Three Weeks
By Sam Ekstrom - Sep 27, 2018
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THE MINNESOTA LINE: College Week 1, Super Bowl Hangovers & Gophers “Excitement”
By Mike Gelfand - Aug 30, 2018
THE MINNESOTA LINE: Preseason NFL Plays, MLB Pet Peeves and … Soccer Betting?
By Mike Gelfand - Aug 23, 2018
Mike Gelfand, Colton Molesky and Sam Ekstrom review last week’s bets, discuss Colton’s strange fixation on soccer betting, hear out Mike’s pet peeve of baseball celebrations and […]
THE MINNESOTA LINE: NFL Preseason & Futures Strategies
By Mike Gelfand - Aug 17, 2018
Mike “Stretch” Gelfand, Colton Molesky and Sam Ekstrom kick off The Minnesota Line, a new gambling show from the Zone Coverage Podcast Network. They talk about their […]