FOOTBALL MACHINE HOUR 1: Holiday Special, the Bears x 2, and Establishing the Run

A special post-Christmas edition of The Football Machine! Sam Ekstrom is our host, alongside Luke Inaman and Yinka Ayinde to talk Stefanski, the Bears, the Bears again, and Zimmer!


All that and more action on this edition of the Football Machine.

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The Football Machine is a weekly conversation of Minnesota Vikings, NFL Draft, fantasy football, college football playoffs, and everything else that involves a pigskin and 4 downs. Arif Hasan breaks down the game through an analytic approach for The Athletic. Luke Inman is the resident NFL Draft guru. Yinka Ayinde is a front page writer for The Daily Norseman.
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FOOTBALL MACHINE: Hour 2 - Chiefs WRs and The Candy Draft

In Hour 2, Sam, Arif, Luke and Tom are in studio to take your phone calls and answer your Twitter questions. This week we talk about the […]

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