Can the Vikings Fit Cousins, Jefferson, and Hunter Under the Cap?
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Arif Hasan’s Vikings 2024 Mock Draft 1.0: Trading Down For Value
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Senior Bowl Standouts the Vikings Should Keep An Eye On
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What’s the Next Step For Brian Flores and the Vikings Defense?
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Kevin O’Connell Proved Something In A Lost Season
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It’s difficult to find a season where a head coach proves their worth after racking up 10 losses. But contrary to the opinions of justifiably bothered Vikings […]
Don’t Panic: Extending Cousins Can Still Allow the Vikings To Build For the Future
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Every year, regardless of team, fans discuss the tension between competing to win in the short term and rebuilding for the future. For the Minnesota Vikings, it […]
Why Were the Vikings So Hesitant To Start Ty Chandler?
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Nick Mullens Was the Right Choice — Not Because He’s Better But Because He’s Ready
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The Minnesota Vikings made the official announcement that Nick Mullens would start over Joshua Dobbs after he led the lone scoring drive in the mockery of NFL […]
Joint Practices Breathe New Life Into Routine, Uncover More About Players
By Arif Hasan - Aug 17, 2018
Joint practices have invigorated both teams. With the routine of practicing against your own teammates wearing thin, coaches and reporters have found a new form of repetition […]
Vikings Hope to Take Advantage of “Intensity” in Joint Practices, Avoid TV, Steal
By Arif Hasan - Aug 15, 2018
The Minnesota Vikings hope to avoid Sportscenter during the offseason so that they can be the talk of the town in the postseason. Mike Zimmer talked to gathered […]