Big Matchups and Key Stats for the Vikings-Titans Game
By Bo Mitchell - Sep 26, 2020
It’s weird to refer to any September NFL game as a “must-win.” It’s borderline silly. It’s something sports talk-show hosts and pregame talking heads spout to build […]
The Vikings Aren’t Going to Purposely Tank for Trevor
By Bo Mitchell - Sep 22, 2020
The rallying cry #TankForTrevor began popping up on Vikings Twitter before the Week 1 debacle against the Packers was even over. And by the final whistle of […]
Big Matchups and Key Stats for the Vikings-Colts Game
By Bo Mitchell - Sep 18, 2020
Fans of both the Minnesota Vikings and Indianapolis Colts have been reaching for the Listerine all week, feverishly attempting to rid their mouths of the bad taste […]
The Vikings’ Defense is the Only Thing Slowing Dalvin Cook Down
By Bo Mitchell - Sep 15, 2020
Do you remember back at the start of the global pandemic when everyone was quarantined so those with the means to do so went out and got […]
Big Matchups and Key Stats for the Vikings-Packers Game
By Bo Mitchell - Sep 11, 2020
Danielle Hunter landed on IR and isn’t going to play. Dalvin Cook’s lack of a contract extension is still a smoldering issue. Oh, and there’s no depth […]
How Vikings and Packers Fans Can Coexist Peacefully
By Bo Mitchell - Sep 7, 2020
My fellow Americans, in unprecedented times such as these, we need to find more things that unite us. I mean, seriously, the last thing any of us […]
Adrian Peterson Returns to the NFC North, But He May Not Have a Big Role With the Detroit Lions
By Bo Mitchell - Sep 6, 2020
It didn’t take Adrian Peterson long to find a new place to renew his pursuit of Emmitt Smith’s all-time NFL rushing record. After getting released by the […]
The Reality of Harrison Smith and Anthony Harris’ Market Value
By Bo Mitchell - Aug 31, 2020
With the clock ticking down toward kickoff in Week 1, you can bet Rick Spielman and other Vikings executives with rich mahogany desks at TCO Performance Center […]
10 Unwritten Rules for Minnesota Vikings Fans
By Bo Mitchell - Aug 24, 2020
The “Unwritten Rules” of baseball brigade has been out in force the past week ever since Fernando Tatis Jr. did the unthinkable and hit a grand slam […]
The Top 10 Reasons Why Minnesota Vikings Fans Despise the Dallas Cowboys
By Bo Mitchell - Aug 17, 2020
Those darn Dallas Cowboys have done it again, haven’t they? They went and ruined the mood of many a Minnesota Vikings fan by signing Everson Griffen last […]
Why Minnesota Vikings GM Rick Spielman Should Be Focusing His Planning on 2021
By Bo Mitchell - Aug 10, 2020
As Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” COVID-19 landed that punch and now the best-laid plans of mice […]
Mike Zimmer is Zigging While Others Zag
By Bo Mitchell - Aug 3, 2020
The Mike Zimmer recipe for football success includes an offense that emphasizes the run and pairs nicely with a stingy defense. If you somehow haven’t picked up […]