Don’t Expect the Vikings To Be Aggressive This Offseason
By Bo Mitchell - Jan 19, 2021
Officially, the NFL offseason snaps into full effect immediately following the Super Bowl. In reality, for teams and players that have been eliminated, the offseason has already […]
Everything You Need to Know About the No. 14 Pick
By Bo Mitchell - Jan 12, 2021
Mock draft season is upon us. The most ravenous of NFL fans can already be found hunched over their laptops, salivating at the very thought of devouring […]
Several Former Vikings Coaches are Poised to Make a Postseason Impact
By Bo Mitchell - Jan 7, 2021
Buckle up, Minnesota Vikings fans! While your favorite team won’t be playing during “Super Wildcard Weekend,” you’re facing the distinct possibility of more heart-wrenching drama over the […]
The Defense Hit Rock Bottom. Now What?
By Bo Mitchell - Dec 28, 2020
For those who witnessed the Minnesota Vikings’ thorough dismantling at the hands of the New Orleans Saints on Christmas Day, this is what rock bottom looks like. […]
The Vikings Didn’t Give Themselves Enough Margin For Error
By Bo Mitchell - Dec 22, 2020
Last Monday, in the aftermath of the Minnesota Vikings’ loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, head coach Mike Zimmer was pressed by media members on the factors […]
Mixing Misogyny With Dan Bailey Criticism Misses Wide Right
By Bo Mitchell - Dec 14, 2020
This just in: Popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are fertile ground for reaction – both positive and negative – when the Minnesota Vikings […]
More Than an Underdog Story: Adam Thielen is an All-Time Minnesota Vikings Great
By Bo Mitchell - Dec 9, 2020
Adam Thielen deserves more respect. To some reading this, such a statement may come off as preaching to the choir because a large swath of Vikings nation […]
Minnesota’s Monolith: Kirk Cousins
By Bo Mitchell - Dec 5, 2020
If you’ve spent any amount of time doing something other than eating leftover turkey sandwiches and scouting the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Tuesday/Whatever-Day deals the past week, you’ve […]
Mike Zimmer Hasn’t Felt at Home This Season
By Bo Mitchell - Nov 25, 2020
‘Twas the Sunday before Thanksgiving when all through the Vikings’ house, the Cowboys’ offense was clicking while things were quiet as a mouse. With apologies to Clement […]
The Vikings Need to Feast on Turnover-Prone Dallas
By Bo Mitchell - Nov 19, 2020
Now that the NFL season is more than halfway over, it has become increasingly clear that the Minnesota Vikings’ 2020 schedule is turning out to be more […]
If the Vikings Want to Win in Chicago, It Will Have to Be With Defense
By Bo Mitchell - Nov 13, 2020
The Minnesota Vikings seek to continue their inexorable march toward missing out on a Top 10 draft pick on Monday night in Chicago – a place where, […]
The Vikings Are On a Trajectory to Win Just Enough Games to Make Nobody Happy
By Bo Mitchell - Nov 11, 2020
If we’ve learned anything over the past few weeks it’s that we should never rush to judgments. Have patience. Let things play out before reaching conclusions. Early […]