The Top 10 Things That Don’t Matter In Training Camp
By Bo Mitchell - Jul 28, 2021
As the Minnesota Vikings open training camp, there will be information emanating from their Eagan facility that will be important or at least somewhat significant. There will […]
Updated Unofficial Sack Leaderboard Highlighted By Vikings Greats
By Bo Mitchell - Jul 14, 2021
On Monday, in the midst of the slowest portion of the NFL offseason, quietly released the results of their lengthy research into sack data before 1982, […]
It’s Okay To Slow Down On The Justin Jefferson Hype
By Bo Mitchell - Jun 12, 2021
Hold on. Relax. I’m not here to suggest in any way, shape, or form that Justin Jefferson isn’t good. That would be blasphemous. Nobody’s proposing he’s going […]
The Mount Rushmore of Vikings Villains
By Bo Mitchell - Jun 4, 2021
You thought the tired Mount Rushmore construct was all played out, didn’t you? Admittedly, we all kind of did. I would submit “The Mount Rushmore of (insert […]
Don’t Be Ridiculous, Randy Moss is Unrivaled as a Deep Threat
By Bo Mitchell - May 19, 2021
Twitter has empowered folks to deliver hot takes to a global audience with unprecedented velocity. Anyone with an account that, you know, hasn’t been suspended for spreading […]
Rodgers’ Only Possible Path to Purple is Paved in Pettiness
By Bo Mitchell - May 11, 2021
The recent developments in the Aaron Rodgers saga have led many observers to reassess their takes on the entire juicy situation. Indeed, the “Rodgers will finish his […]
No Matter What Happens, Drafting Kellen Mond Was the Right Call
By Bo Mitchell - May 1, 2021
The NFC North quarterback succession plan took a leap forward on Thursday with the Chicago Bears’ selection of Justin Fields and the unraveling relationship between Aaron Rodgers […]
Justin Fields to the Bears Completes Watershed Day for NFC North QBs
By Bo Mitchell - Apr 30, 2021
There was a time not long ago – specifically, Wednesday – when the football world was more predictable. The NFL abounded with certain truisms, and for those […]
Prepare to Buy New Jerseys, Vikings Fans
By Bo Mitchell - Apr 10, 2021
Hey, Minnesota Vikings fans, you know that expensive Dalvin Cook jersey you purchased as part of your Vikings World Order gameday fit? Or that Justin Jefferson jersey […]
Vikings Records Jeopardized By A 17-Game Season
By Bo Mitchell - Apr 7, 2021
On March 30, the NFL announced it will begin playing a 17-game season next year – the first expansion of the regular season in 44 years. The […]
Dak Prescott’s Contract is Great News for the Vikings
By Bo Mitchell - Mar 9, 2021
Somewhere at Vikings headquarters, Rob Brzezinski is leisurely sitting back in a leather chair with his feet kicked up on his mahogany desk, thinking to himself, “I […]
With Rudolph’s Release Comes the End of an Era
By Bo Mitchell - Mar 3, 2021
For the past several days, NFL teams have been doing what they always do this time of year: releasing veterans, in large part to create salary cap […]