Prepare to Buy New Jerseys, Vikings Fans
By Bo Mitchell - Apr 10, 2021
Hey, Minnesota Vikings fans, you know that expensive Dalvin Cook jersey you purchased as part of your Vikings World Order gameday fit? Or that Justin Jefferson jersey […]
Vikings Records Jeopardized By A 17-Game Season
By Bo Mitchell - Apr 7, 2021
On March 30, the NFL announced it will begin playing a 17-game season next year – the first expansion of the regular season in 44 years. The […]
Dak Prescott’s Contract is Great News for the Vikings
By Bo Mitchell - Mar 9, 2021
Somewhere at Vikings headquarters, Rob Brzezinski is leisurely sitting back in a leather chair with his feet kicked up on his mahogany desk, thinking to himself, “I […]
With Rudolph’s Release Comes the End of an Era
By Bo Mitchell - Mar 3, 2021
For the past several days, NFL teams have been doing what they always do this time of year: releasing veterans, in large part to create salary cap […]
Every Piece of QB News Could (and Probably Won’t) Affect the Vikings
By Bo Mitchell - Feb 19, 2021
Let’s be clear: When the Minnesota Vikings kick off the 2021 season, there’s a darn good chance Kirk Cousins will be the quarterback. That outlook hasn’t changed […]
What Harrison Smith Needs to Do to Make the Hall of Fame
By Bo Mitchell - Feb 15, 2021
The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced its class of 2021 on the eve of the Super Bowl, as is customary, and to the dismay of many […]
Jared Allen Forced to Wait For His Call to the Hall
By Bo Mitchell - Feb 8, 2021
Canton will have to wait at least one more year to witness a 6’6″ man sporting a mullet and a gold jacket perform a calf-roping celebration. The […]
A Trade Market For Cousins Would Change Everything
By Bo Mitchell - Feb 2, 2021
Connecting the dots on a Kirk Cousins trade to the San Francisco 49ers and a reunion with Kyle Shanahan is one of the easier scenarios to piece […]
Don’t Expect the Vikings To Be Aggressive This Offseason
By Bo Mitchell - Jan 19, 2021
Officially, the NFL offseason snaps into full effect immediately following the Super Bowl. In reality, for teams and players that have been eliminated, the offseason has already […]
Everything You Need to Know About the No. 14 Pick
By Bo Mitchell - Jan 12, 2021
Mock draft season is upon us. The most ravenous of NFL fans can already be found hunched over their laptops, salivating at the very thought of devouring […]
Several Former Vikings Coaches are Poised to Make a Postseason Impact
By Bo Mitchell - Jan 7, 2021
Buckle up, Minnesota Vikings fans! While your favorite team won’t be playing during “Super Wildcard Weekend,” you’re facing the distinct possibility of more heart-wrenching drama over the […]
The Defense Hit Rock Bottom. Now What?
By Bo Mitchell - Dec 28, 2020
For those who witnessed the Minnesota Vikings’ thorough dismantling at the hands of the New Orleans Saints on Christmas Day, this is what rock bottom looks like. […]