Where Have You Gone, Pat Elflein? Vikings Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes to You
By John Tuvey - Sep 23, 2020
For the second straight week the Vikings’ overall O-line play was in the C-/D+ range. With a typical Mike Zimmer defense that might be enough; with the defense's current level of play, it’s nowhere close. Here's a look at the positives — yes, there were some — and negatives of life without Pat Elflein along the Vikings' offensive line, with a glance ahead to what's in store next (spoiler: it rhymes with "Jadaveon Clowney").
Breakdowns From the Top Down Doom Vikings Offensive Line in Week 1
By John Tuvey - Sep 16, 2020
If you limited yourself to selected areas of the box score without knowing the final score, you might think the Vikings offensive line acquitted itself well in the season opener. But breakdowns from the top on down — questionable decisions by the coaches, lack of communication between the experienced starters, and little from the unit's only new member — ultimately added up to a disheartening Week 1 loss.
The Minnesota Vikings are Banking on Continuity and Experience to Improve the Offensive Line
By John Tuvey - Sep 8, 2020
In what was far from a normal preseason, only a select few have had a first-hand look at the offensive line Minnesota will trot out in Week 1. And with no preseason games, that group hasn’t faced anything but friendly fire. The Vikings opted for continuity and in-house solutions to address their O-line shortcomings; a matchup with a Packers defensive front that had its way with the purple last season will provide an early referendum as to how wise that decision was.
With Marcus Sherels Gone, Who Will the Minnesota Vikings Turn To as Their Punt Returner?
By John Tuvey - Jul 27, 2020
For the last decade the Vikings punt return game has been largely the domain of Marcus Sherels. Minnesota is turning the page this season, and while we won’t be treated to a full-on training camp battle one intriguing candidate stands out in the quest to light a spark in the Vikings’ return game.
What if Pat Elflein Turns it Around This Season?
By John Tuvey - Jul 17, 2020
The Vikings head into training camp with uncertainty at both guard positions… but should they? Incumbent left guard Pat Elflein is the popular scapegoat for Minnesota’s offensive line struggles, but with at most two preseason games his return to the starting lineup may be the team’s best option — and despite his struggles last season it might be a better option than you think.
How to Draft a Fantasy Running Back Who Won’t Conflict With Your Minnesota Vikings Fandom
By John Tuvey - Jul 14, 2020
Whether you prefer the run-heavy approach near and dear to Mike Zimmer’s heart or you fancy more of a pass-oriented attack, keeping your fantasy football teams free of Vikings-related conflict at running back requires a little bit of forethought—but the result can be a solid fantasy backfield devoid of players who divide your loyalties on purple Sundays.
How to Draft a Fantasy Tight End Who Won’t Conflict with Your Minnesota Vikings Fandom
By John Tuvey - Jul 7, 2020
Keeping your fantasy football teams free of Vikings-related conflict at the tight end position is simple: just keep doing what you’ve been doing. The TE-smothering prowess of Mike Zimmer’s defense is legendary, but only two of the top dozen tight ends face Minnesota this season. Even if you snooze the position, you can still find conflict-free options in the middle and later rounds. Here’s the roadmap to a Vikings-friendly fantasy roster at tight end.
How to Draft Fantasy Wide Receivers Who Won’t Conflict with Your Minnesota Vikings Fandom
By John Tuvey - Jul 1, 2020
If you prefer to keep your fantasy football teams free of Vikings-related conflict, navigating the wide receiver position won’t be easy in 2020; seven of the top nine wideouts off the typical draft board face Minnesota this season. But if the goal is to avoid all obstacles to Vikings fandom with your fantasy receiving corps, we’ve got your blueprint right here.
How to Draft a Fantasy Quarterback Who Won’t Conflict with Your Minnesota Vikings Fandom
By John Tuvey - Jun 22, 2020
Vikings fans who also play fantasy football have undoubtedly bumped into a situation where they’re forced to cheer for a player to score big against their favorite team. But you don’t have to sacrifice fantasy success to remain true to your Vikings fandom. Here are alternatives if you’re sniped on Kirk Cousins or otherwise inclined to go a different direction at the quarterback position.
What Does Pat Elflein Need to Do to Keep His Starting Job with the Minnesota Vikings?
By John Tuvey - Jun 16, 2020
The list of players lining up for a shot at the Vikings’ left guard slot is long, though hardly distinguished. But is replacing Pat Elflein the right move? What skills does he possess, and what does he need to improve to keep Minnesota’s ground game chugging along while protecting the interior of Kirk Cousins’ passing pocket?
Free Agency vs. the Draft: Assessing the Minnesota Vikings’ Approach to Improving Their Offensive Line
By John Tuvey - Jun 3, 2020
The Vikings have tried throwing hefty contracts at free-agent offensive linemen. More recently, Minnesota adjusted its philosophy and devoted draft capital to building their offensive front. Which has worked better, and what’s the plan going forward?
The 2020 All-NFC North Team: Offensive Line
By John Tuvey - May 26, 2020
Debating the best skill position players is, as the kids like to say, tired. You want wired? Let’s get weird, dive into the trenches, and dust off the 5XL crystal ball as we break down the Black and Blue’s big sexys—also known as the preseason 2020 All-NFC North offensive line.