Free-Agent Options Remain if Vikings Want to Continue Bolstering O-Line
By John Tuvey - May 15, 2021
After adding Christian Darrisaw and Wyatt Davis in the draft, there isn’t much room—or need—for additional offensive line personnel. That said, there are a few cost-effective options still on the board who could provide depth and insurance for what looks to be a vastly improved unit.
The Vikings Finally Changed Their Type to Upgrade Their O-Line
By John Tuvey - May 6, 2021
There was plenty of familiarity with the Vikings’ approach to the 2021 NFL Draft—like trading down when talent was staring them in the face—but they also zigged where in past years they’d zagged. On the offensive line that zig produced a pair of potential starters who could provide a rapid cure to the trauma induced by last year’s porous offensive line play.
An Offensive Lineman Minnesota Can Target in Each Round
By John Tuvey - Apr 27, 2021
What if the Vikings took an offensive lineman with every pick in the upcoming draft? It might just be enough to fix their current issues, that’s what. This exercises embraces that utopian dream, though the more practical application might be who the Vikings could grab to upgrade their line at each stop along their current 10-pick NFL Draft journey in 2021.
Which O-Line Prospects Did the Ngakoue Trade Potentially Cost the Vikings?
By John Tuvey - Apr 21, 2021
The Vikings made two trades involving Yannick Ngakoue last season, with the net result being one win and a drop of 45 spots in draft order. What might Minnesota have been able to do to upgrade their offensive line if not for that trade? Or, to put a positive spin on it, who are some players the Vikings might be willing to “settle” for if they deal down and out of the 14th overall pick?
Could the Vikings Turn to Another Cleveland for O-Line Help?
By John Tuvey - Apr 13, 2021
Modern technology allows mock drafters to go beyond the first round, and more than a few that do are linking Ben Cleveland to the Vikings in the third round. It’s not exactly a typical fit, but that might not necessarily be a bad thing for Minnesota’s offensive line.
Would Christian Darrisaw Be a Reach at 14?
By John Tuvey - Apr 6, 2021
The Vikings appear to be waiting until draft day to address the team’s biggest need, and as we drift later into mock draft season another name is being more frequently linked to Minnesota. What could Christian Darrisaw bring to the Vikings’ offensive line?
What Is Actually Worth More: Mason Cole Or A 6th Round Pick?
By John Tuvey - Mar 30, 2021
On the blockbuster scale it was a trade that barely scuffed one of those little one-peg Lego pieces, but the Vikings did acquire an offensive lineman this season. Will Minnesota be better served adding Mason Cole to the mix or should they have held on to the late sixth-round selection and used the pick on an offensive lineman after 30 or so have already gone off the board?
Looking For O-Line Gems On the Day 3 Scrap Heap
By John Tuvey - Mar 23, 2021
Reaching the acceptance stage of the ramp-up to the Vikings’ 2021 draft means acknowledging that any offensive line upgrades will likely have to be mined from the Day 3 scrap heap. With that in mind, here are three of the more palatable options for an upgrade (or three) over the 130th-ranked guard in the NFL.
The Guard with Big Upside Minnesota Should Take a Draft Chance On
By John Tuvey - Mar 16, 2021
The Vikings’ blueprint for drafting offensive linemen tends towards athletic and—at least by NFL standards—smaller. Using a Day 2 pick on Alabama’s Deonte Brown would definitely be zagging where Minnesota has zigged previously, but he’d also provide an anchor in pass protection with surprisingly sweet feet for a 350-pounder—and more than fill a gaping hole at guard.
Alijah Vera-Tucker is Purple Rain for Minnesota’s Guard Drought
By John Tuvey - Mar 10, 2021
Rashawn Slater may have Pro Day'd his way out of the Vikings' grasp at 14, but all is not lost. Alijah Vera-Tucker should still be on the board, filling the Vikings' glaring need and giving Minnesota its first Pro Bowl-caliber guard since Steve Hutchinson headed to Canton.
The Vikings Have To Take Rashawn Slater If He’s There at 14
By John Tuvey - Mar 2, 2021
So many different things can happen along the way to the Vikings’ 14th overall pick (and beyond) there isn’t a one-size-fits-all breakdown of what Minnesota might do on draft day. Here's a version of the Vikings 2021 "build your own draft-day adventure" that leads to selecting Rashawn Slater to upgrade the offensive line.
Minnesota Missed an Opportunity to Try Out 2021 O-Line Prospects in Detroit
By John Tuvey - Jan 5, 2021
Like many of the weeks before it, Week 17 was yet another missed opportunity for the Vikings. Now Minnesota heads into the offseason with one big question mark and several more little ones as the Vikings once again devote time and effort—and hopefully resources—to upgrading the offensive line.