Will Diego Castillo Get A Shot In the Twins Bullpen?
By Lou Hennessy - May 17, 2024
As the 2024 season cruises past the quarter mark, things seem to be settling for the Minnesota Twins because they’re getting more respectable sample sizes from their […]
Zebby Matthews Is A Prime Example Of Minnesota’s Modern Pitching Pipeline
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I know we’re used to Minnesota Twins fans being calm and collected with all of their hot takes, but one angle that seems to get many pretty […]
The Twins Created A Recipe For Success During Their Win Streak
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Could The Twins Stretch Cole Sands Out For Rotation Depth?
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The Minnesota Twins have one of the best and deepest bullpens in the league. They have relief buzzsaws like Griffin Jax and Brock Stewart who have shoved […]
Has Willi Castro Graduated Out Of The Group Of Struggling Twins’ Sluggers?
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Justifiably, much of the early criticism of the Minnesota Twins has stemmed from the bottom half of their lineup on a nightly basis. A group of veteran […]
Austin Martin Is Starting To Look Like Minnesota’s Chris Taylor
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It’s early, but Austin Martin is starting to show up for the Minnesota Twins, even as the rest of the lineup struggles. Maybe he hasn’t reached the […]
What’s Going On With Cole Sands?
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While many Minnesota Twins players are still trying to find their footing in this young season, one man has been an unexpected standout on the mound in […]
Who Should the Twins Have Leading Off?
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With a 3-3 record and the season approximately 3.7% complete, it’s hardly time to start panicking about the Minnesota Twins’ streaky offense. Of course, seeing such an […]
3 Bold Predictions For the 2024 Twins Season
By Lou Hennessy - Mar 29, 2024
When somebody tries to make bold predictions before the season, it often goes one of two ways. They either make it too light (the Minnesota Twins will […]
The Twins Have Gotten What They Paid For In the Starting Rotation
By Lou Hennessy - Mar 22, 2024
For better or worse, the Minnesota Twins are getting what they paid for in the starting rotation. Their minimal financial investment after shedding nearly $30 million from […]
Minnesota’s New Relievers Have Intriguing Breaking Ball Offerings
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The Minnesota Twins’ new-look bullpen may not catch many headlines throughout the season, but each of the new members possesses at least one worthwhile weapon. For a […]
Could the Twins Turn To An Old Friend For Rotation Depth?
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The Minnesota Twins could bring in an old friend to provide an additional safety net for their rotation depth chart. And let me be clear: there is […]