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Make Zone Coverage your home for all three days of the NFL Draft.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]With our free guide, you get coverage specifically geared towards the Minnesota Vikings with 100+ prospect profiles, draft targets, areas of need, positional rankings and feature stories. Plus, we’ve got our overall Top 40 rankings to follow as the draft’s biggest names go off the board in Round 1. If you love the NFL, you’ll want to check out the 2019 Zone Coverage Draft Guide.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text el_class=”landing-form”]

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What’s In The Guide

2019 NFL Draft: 100+ Player Profiles
Want an overview of your favorite prospect? Sam Ekstrom compiled analytics and expert opinions, plus gives his own two cents on over 100 of the top prospects. And don’t miss Luke Inman’s Top 40!

Luke Inman’s Mock Draft Central
For the last three months, our draft guru Luke Inman has been simulating different scenarios for the first two rounds of the NFL Draft. Check out each version of his mock draft series, plus a brand new mock using eight draft reporters to simulate the first three rounds of the draft.

An Overview of Minnesota Vikings Draft Trends
Now entering their sixth draft as the Minnesota Vikings head coach-GM tandem, Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman have developed tendencies that they fall into during the draft. What are they? And how will they play out this year?

2019 NFL Draft: Zone Coverage’s Position Rankings
The beauty of the NFL Draft is that every pundit has an opinion. Our two talking heads, Luke Inman and Sam Ekstrom, compile their own rankings for each position, create player profiles and debate each other on their lists. Volume up!

Minnesota Vikings Draft Needs and Targets
Every fan of the Purple knows that the team needs offensive linemen, and most can give you a few names. But what about Day 2 defensive tackles or Day 3 running backs? We’ve got you covered as we tell you where and who the Vikings should be picking. (Yes, we have player profiles for each.)

Here are the Players Minnesota Vikings Fans Don’t Want in the NFC North
Don’t look now, but the Green Bay Packers have two first-round picks. Which prospects should Vikings fans fear seeing in Green and Gold? And who would push the Bears over the top as they look to defend their division title?

Senior Bowl Central 
Check out all of Luke Inman’s content from this year’s Senior Bowl, including a feature story on potential Vikings targets.

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