Terence Newman Has a Unique Analogy for the Lombardi Trophy

Photo Credit: Brian Curski

Entering his 15th season, Terence Newman has filled his résumé with more personal accomplishments than most NFL players will ever achieve.

But he has never won a Super Bowl.

In fact, he has yet to reach a conference championship game. Newman has just one playoff win under his belt in 2009 with the Dallas Cowboys, who were trounced by the Minnesota Vikings in the Divisional Round. The 2007 Cowboys, who went 13-3, were arguably Newman’s best team, but they were upset in the Divisional Round by the eventual-champion New York Giants.

The ultimate prize still eludes Newman. He’s going to continue chasing a ring. And he has a quite a comparison for his pursuit.

“Lots of hot babes in college, right?” Newman told reporters. “You make eye contact. You might get a smile and never hear from her again. I’m chasing this hot babe known as the Lombardi Trophy. I got a couple looks at one point in time. Distant glances. No smiles yet. I’m trying to get up close and personal to that babe.”

Newman, who turns 39 in September, is still single.

Ostensibly, because he has another prize to pursue first.

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