NBA Reduces Timeouts by Four, Moves Trade Deadline Ahead of All-Star Break


The NBA Board of Governors unanimously voted to reduce the amount of timeouts per game from 18 to 14. In addition, during the last three minutes of a game, teams will be limited to two team timeouts each instead of the previous rule that allowed three per team in the last two minutes.

“These changes will help us fulfill our goal of improving game flow and pace of play,” said Byron Spruell, NBA President of League Operations. “Fewer stoppages and less time without action, especially at the end of a game, will further enhance the viewing experience for our fans.”

They also moved the trade deadline from the Thursday after the NBA All-Star Game to the Thursday 10 days before the All-Star Game.

“With the new placement of the trade deadline, teams will be able to settle their rosters before the All-Star break,” reads the NBA.com release, “and avoid the disruptions that result from players joining new teams just as practices and games are beginning to resume following the All-Star break.”

You can read the comprehensive changes made by the NBA Board of Governors here.

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