The REAL Problem with the All-Star Game
February 15, 2024
Chelanga and Dylan discuss the ASG, All-Star Weekend, Voting in this year’s election, and Mike Conley’s extension. Don’t forget to buy your Slomosexual T-Shirt at with […]
The Immature Basketball Podcast
January 25, 2024
Chelanga and Dylan discuss the 62 point game, Terry Rozier, Finch, KAT, Ant.. Don’t forget to buy your Slomosexual T-Shirt at with the Promo Code “rollcall”! […]
The NBA Is Evil
December 26, 2023
Our King Gorgui Dieng has retired, Adam Silver should retire, and Ant has some more big lessons to learn. The NBA is Every Villain Is Lemons. Don’t […]
Who are the Timberwolves’ Friends and Foes?
December 3, 2023
Chelanga and Dylan break down which Family Guy characters should be in Fortnite, Andrew Wiggins stubbing his finger, Hundred Acre Woods ranked by intelligence, Lakers landing DeMar […]
Sound of Threedom
November 29, 2023
The Wolves defeated the Thunder, and Chelanga and Dylan dive right into it before discussing the Josh Giddey situation and the Mavericks sale. Earmuffs for Deej’s children […]
The Timberwolves Are Now TOO Good :'(
November 23, 2023
Chelanga and Dylan hate on th*nksgiving, love on Andre 3k, fight on EPM, and each share 1 thing they love and hate to start the season before […]
One Shoe Wolves
November 21, 2023
Chelanga and Dylan aren’t waiting for the other shoe to drop. They know exactly when it will, and it’s when the Timberwolves are swept out of the […]
The Brawl in the Bay
November 17, 2023
The Minnesota Timberwolves: There’s something here! On this episode, the guys get weird with a howler, talk Zach Lavine destinations and the Brawl in the Bay! Then, […]
KAT Has Played 1% of His Minutes at SF
November 12, 2023
On today’s Sode, Chelanga and Dylan critique Bomani’s Karl takes, Wemby for Ant, KAT being Benjamin Button KG, and they address why Stephen A. Smith needs to […]
Anthony Edwards: The New Face of the NBA
November 7, 2023
Chelanga and Dylan definitely do not take this one too far we promise. Don’t forget to buy your Slomosexual T-Shirt at with the Promo Code “rollcall”!  
Dylan Also Destroyed the Nuggets
November 3, 2023
Chelanga and Dylan discuss some real stupid news and dive into the rout of the reigning NBA Champs. And yes that is a weed joke. Don’t forget […]
Honk if you love Naz Reid
October 30, 2023
[courtesy of @Kgformvp211 and Parkway Pizza] Chelanga and Dylan talk Dwight Howard, James Harden in MN, the Naz Reid game, and then they recap their Western Conference […]