Timberwolves World Cup with Andrew Dukowitz
August 29, 2023
Chelanga and Dylan talk Yung Vomit revealing the new City Edition Jerseys, Fiba and then state of the Wolves with Andrew Dukowitz. Don’t forget to buy your […]
Best American Whites in the NBA, Ricky Rubio, and Anthony Davis
August 16, 2023
Chelanga and Dylan start by discussing Ricky Rubio and the All-Mental Health NBA Team, Anthony Davis’ massive contract, and then they debate the best white Americans in […]
Anthony Edwards Is a Top 10 Building Block
August 2, 2023
Before Chelanga and Dylan defend Ant as a top 10 piece, they briefly discuss Rudy Gobert’s 3 point practice. At about the halfway point they react to […]
CnD NBA Geo-Political Summit
July 27, 2023
We’ve got quite the episode for you here. We start with Jaylen Brown’s supermax extension and then go down into the rabbit hole that is our f—ed […]
The CnD NBA Show Wears No Pants Super Show Extravaganza
July 19, 2023
WOAH The CnD Boys and the Crunch Wears No Pants Super Show Extravaganza is here! This wild episode takes so many turns. We talk about why white […]
Timberwolves Summer League Thoughts
July 12, 2023
Victor Wembanyama news-ish, and then around the 25 minute mark the boys get back to basketball. smh wth Get your SLOMOSEXUAL shirt at jakesgraphs.com/cnd promo code RollCall […]
Timberwolves Free Agency and Damian Lillard Fits
July 3, 2023
First, Chelanga and Dylan discuss Dame’s landing spots, and then they get to the Timberwolves offseason moves (recorded before the Ant contract news). Get your SLOMOSEXUAL shirt […]
Naz Reid, Leonard Miller, and Point Ant
June 30, 2023
Be sure to call the police if you ever don’t know what to do. Get your SLOMOSEXUAL shirt at jakesgraphs.com/cnd  
A 2023 Mock Draft of the Lottery with @huncho_jman and @notbrooksdavis
June 21, 2023
Jordan Hawkins needs some on Ball-Juice. Chelanga says he’ll suck Grade-E [REDACTED] just because he needs more shooting. How many times will Chelanga say New Orleans Hornets? […]
Bradley Beal Deal (Brown New Deal) Plus Wolves Offseason Workouts
June 20, 2023
Chelanga and Dylan Talk Beal, CP, Pordingus, and Karl being absent from Wolves offseason workouts. Get your SLOMOSEXUAL shirt at jakesgraphs.com/cnd  
KAT Trades and Moriah Mills
June 14, 2023
This episode begins with Pelicans and Zion talk, and it ends with KAT Trades at about the halfway point.  Get your SLOMOSEXUAL shirt at jakesgraphs.com/cnd  
The Legacy at Stake for Nikola Jokic and Jimmy Butler
June 6, 2023
Che & Dyl are back for some real stupid news about Jon Isaac, coaches, Ramona Shelburne, and these Finals. Get your SLOMOSEXUAL shirt at jakesgraphs.com/cnd