Luka Garza Film Study
March 14, 2023
Wolves talk and then the Brendan Fraser Hour.  
Is Karl Coming Back This Season?
March 9, 2023
Real Stupid News (Jaden nicknames, Kendrick Perkins, Definition of Woke, Ja Morant, are guns good?, what is good?, Rudy Gobert’s Instagram) is followed by Wolves talk around […]
The Reintegration of Karl with a K
February 21, 2023
The boys are back in town- make sure to get your Chastity Belts. Real stupid news covers Karl Malone, NBA App, Ant’s shoes, and best buyouts so […]
Anthony Edwards is an All-Star (Injury Replacement)
February 13, 2023
On this episode, Chelanga is joined by Leo Sun (@Y0Leo) from Canis Hoopus to talk about Anthony Edwards’s All-Star nod, trade deadline, and the new father-son dynamic […]
So Long DLOL
February 9, 2023
In this episode, Dylan calls in from work to say goodbye to our good friend, DLol, and welcome our new friend lil Mike.
Shorthanded Timberwolves Destroyed the Nuggets
February 6, 2023
Real Stupid News- Kyrie, Ja Morant, and the Timberwolves Tustle. Is Macaroni Toni a lazy plagiarism of Tommy Mayonnaise? Which character from family guy is which Minnesota […]
Naz Reid.
February 2, 2023
*Book your 2-way ticket to SLC, Ant.  
The Timberwolves Are Making The Finals This Season
January 30, 2023
Chelanga and Dylan start the show by discussing their social awkwardness, then they cope with Tyre Nichols’ murder and the awful narratives surrounding the event before getting […]
Tommy Mayonnaise on Why Anthony Edwards is an All-Star Lock
January 26, 2023
I’m sorry for any conspiracy theories Dylan and/or Tommy Mayonnaise espouse throughout the duration of this episode. Neither entity reflects the values or opinions of Chelanga Langa […]
Lynx Talk with Tommy Franklin
January 24, 2023
Wolves Back (to being bad) so after some Real Stupid News, Che & Dyl welcome on Tommy Franklin to talk about meeting Kobe, basketball shoes, and the […]
Walker Kessler Will Be An All-Star This Year (feat. Jordan Alamat)
January 18, 2023
Some people think the title is bait, but it’s not. Real Stupid News: LeBron, Trade Season, and Dunk Contest. Jordan Alamat (@tornadojally) joins us to discuss Michael […]
What the Wolves Should Do with D’Angelo Russell (feat. Kyle Theige)
January 13, 2023
Real Stupid News featuring a Meyers Leonard workout, Tyler Herro’s baby name, 800 coats, and All-Star Voting. Kyle Theige (@KyleTheige) names Dylan the jock of Wolves Twitter, […]