Timberwolves Deliver Tweet of the Day About Remodeled Restrooms

Typically, when an arena gets refurbished, nobody is focused on the renovated restrooms.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have other ideas.

Check out the team’s ingenious tweet about the arena’s trough-less new restrooms (and equally ingenious video).

Rarely has basketball ever been so seamlessly interwoven with bathroom humor.

“Splash bros,” “spacing issues” and “keep the floor dry” — all issues faced in a trough-centric restroom. They also might have been items on Tom Thibodeau’s off-season checklist.

“Guard the splash bros” — stopping Golden State’s tandem of Klay Thompson and Steph Curry.

“Fix spacing issues” — figuring out how to stretch defenses and spread the floor.

“Keep the floor dry” — ensuring that a game does not get postponed due to a Disney on Ice skating rink seeping through the court.

And if the tweet itself wasn’t enough, the embedded video contains even more brilliant bathroom puns, narrated by radio announcer Alan Horton.

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