The list keeps rolling on, as we are counting down the 100 best NHL Goalie masks.

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70. Jonas Hiller, Calgary Flames

Jonas Hiller has had a pretty solid mask catalog, as mentioned with his previously ranked Anaheim Ducks mask. His masks with the Flames were also pretty solid as well too, but none of them beat this retro-themed mask to go along with the retro themed Koho pad set, to go along with the Lanny McDonald-era retro themed jerseys (unfortunately not in the picture above). Hiller had some rather flashy masks in his early Duck years, but fell in love with the minimalist but subtly detailed approach, and the results, as in above, were fantastic.

69. Dwayne Roloson, Tampa Bay Lightning

Roli the Goalie was featured earlier in this list for his great chin nickname game, but here we see a tremendous all around effort, in addition to a solidly fitting chin nickname. Many Lightning goaltenders have incorporated the Comic book character/Norse God Thor into their masks for obvious reasons, even Roloson himself, but none nail it as hard as this one. It’s a simple design, but it’s beautifully detailed, and still incorporates the team’s logo as if the God of Thunder himself wore the state of Florida on his forehead. While it’s unlikely we’ll see anything like this donned by a freshly shorn Chris Hemsworth, that’d be one way to get me into the theater.

68. Roberto Luongo, Vancouver Canucks

In addition to being the best hockey player Twitter account to follow, Roberto Luongo has also had a solid mask game as well. In Vancouver, he preferred to feature the Canucks mascot Johnny Canuck, an horrifically underutilized persona for that team, rather than using scenes from Free Willy to create mask designs, and I appreciate that. It was very hard to choose from Luongo’s many designs, but I went with this one because of its cartoony simplicity, something that I always appreciate.

67. James Reimer, San Jose Sharks

James Reimer was blessed with one of the coolest nicknames in sports with Optimus Reim, an obvious play on the Transformer’s lead character, and timely given the live action film franchise’s beginning a few years back. After featuring Optimus Prime on his masks in Toronto, Reim turned a Shark into an Autobot, with really cool results when he was dealt there as a rental in 2016. Reimer also did the same thing upon his arrival in Florida last season, but didn’t quite match the cool factor of this mechanical shark mask he only got to wear for a few months.

66. Bill Ranford, Edmonton Oilers

There’s something lovably classic about this Bill Ranford mask. The swooping, oil inspired lines fit in so well with the Oiler’s uniforms, and while masks that are really cool on their own look good, masks that fit seamlessly in with the uniforms of a team, especially classic ones like the Oilers, can be even better. This was the preferred approach back in the day, and it’s hard to say that it doesn’t look great. So much so, that Devan Dubnyk, one-time Oilers goalie, copied the mask for a tribute during his time there a few years back.

65. Jon Casey, Minnesota North Stars

I own this exact hockey card, so it’s no surprise that I fell in love with Jon Casey‘s classic North Stars mask long ago. Along the same lines as Ranford, Casey’s mask was made for that classic North Stars jersey, and even though it’s a simple design, it’s definitely beautiful. Casey also changed his mask when the North Stars changed their jerseys, but it just wasn’t as good as that vibrant kelly green and yellow.

64. Antii Raanta, New York Rangers

Antii Raanta had some cool mask ideas when he came to New York, and paying tribute to New York’s finest was a good decision. Raanta used a cool as ice dog, and had matching masks made representing both New York Police and Fire Departments. As I’ve mentioned before, tribute masks can look a little cheesy, especially if they come off a bit pandering, but given New York’s own appreciation for their bravest, and Raanta’s personal spin on, I think it turned out great.

63. Jhonas Enroth, Toronto Maple Leafs

The Maple Leaf on the mask has been done to death, and done since the dawn of masks. But Enroth’s mask here I think really embodies what a Maple Leafs mask should be, if you’re going to the simple, there’s-a-leaf-on-my-face kind of look. It’s a simple design, but beautifully detailed, and the backing of a brick wall with the number on the chin are also staple goalie designs that are really well done here.

62. Tommy Salo, New York Islanders

This mask checks all the boxes for a 90’s Islanders fan. The teal, the wavy lines, and, of course, the Gorton’s Fisherman logo. One piece of those so-ugly-we-love-them Islanders jerseys was the great lighthouse shoulder patch logo that I’d wish they’d feature more. Salo, an Isles mainstay for many years, features that prominently, along with good ‘Ol Gorton up there, apparently tending goal this time. While this might be a mish-mash of bad jersey ideas, it makes for an entertaining trip down memory lane, only on a goalie mask.

61. Michal Neuvirth, New York Islanders

Topping Salo’s very nineties mask is Neuvirth’s effort from a few years back. Whether in tribute or just because it was cool, Neuvirth also featured the Islanders Lighthouse logo, and even more than Salo. Also interesting about this mask is that it’s another one of David Gunnarsson’s glow in the dark pieces of art, which just may have come in handy playing in the Barclay’s Center.

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