Double or Nothing - Colton's Gambling Podcast

Colton Molesky is joined by gambling veteran Mike Gelfand to take NFL bets. The Bureau hops on the show to talk about special NFL prop bets.

Colton’s bets for the weekend –

  • Taking the Saints Money line.
  • Taking the Falcons -3 point spread.
  • Taking two road teams to win at +200 money.
  • Taking one Wild Card team to win at -150 money.
  • Taking the Jaguars +7.5 point spread.
  • Taking Man City +120 money line.

Double or Nothing – Colton’s Gambling Podcast
By Colton Molesky - Jan 5, 2018
Double or Nothing – Betting the Winter Olympics
By Colton Molesky - Feb 16, 2018


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