LOCKED ON WOLVES – 2/27: Looking at the MVP Race
By Colton Molesky - Feb 27, 2018
The Minnesota Timberwolves win on the road against the Sacramento Kings by 18 points. Colton Molesky breaks down why the win is a blueprint for the remaining […]
LOCKED ON WOLVES – 2/26: Butler Goes Down
By Colton Molesky - Feb 26, 2018
Jimmy Butler went down in the Houston Rockets game, leaving the Minnesota Timberwolves scrambling. Colton Molesky and David Naylor discuss the impacts of Butler’s injury moving forward, […]
LOCKED ON WOLVES – 2/23: Timberwolves on the Road in Houston
By Colton Molesky - Feb 23, 2018
The All-Star break is officially over for the Minnesota Timberwolves, who are headed to Texas in their Friday matchup with the Houston Rockets. Colton Molesky is joined […]
Double or Nothing – NBA Talk
By Colton Molesky - Feb 23, 2018
Colton Molesky is joined by Tom Schreier, Tim Faklis, Dane Moore and Nick Hamaty to dive into the NBA. They discuss which teams will stay consistent throughout […]
LOCKED ON WOLVES – 2/22: The End of the All-Star Break
By Colton Molesky - Feb 22, 2018
Colton Molesky talks about his major takeaways from the All-Star weekend. He gets hyped up for the return of basketball by reminiscing about the top games from […]
LOCKED ON WOLVES – 2/21: NBA Story Lines
By Colton Molesky - Feb 21, 2018
Colton Molesky and Tim Faklis look back at the start of the season to discuss NBA headlines. They select both Minnesota Timberwolves and NBA stories that surprised […]
Grading the Gophers H.Y.P.R.R. Elite Uniforms
By Colton Molesky - Feb 21, 2018
Following the best recruiting class in years for the Minnesota Golden Gophers, the next logical accomplishment for the program was revamping the look of the team in […]
LOCKED ON WOLVES – 2/20: Drafting the Timberwolves
By Colton Molesky - Feb 20, 2018
Colton Molesky and Dane Moore have to stay with the spirit of the All-Star game by drafting the Minnesota Timberwolves roster to their respective hypothetical teams. They […]
LOCKED ON WOLVES – 2/19: All-Star Weekend Recap
By Colton Molesky - Feb 19, 2018
Colton Molesky and David Naylor talk about everything from the skills competition to the All-Star game from the weekend. They go over what they liked and what […]
Double or Nothing – Betting the Winter Olympics
By Colton Molesky - Feb 16, 2018
Colton Molesky and Mike Gelfand gamble outside their comfort zone by putting their money on the Winter Olympics. After they throw some money at the frozen events, […]
LOCKED ON WOLVES – 2/16: Timberwolves go into the Break with a Win
By Colton Molesky - Feb 16, 2018
The Minnesota Timberwolves ride a 35-point fourth quarter to a victory over the Los Angeles Lakers headed into the break. Colton Molesky and Mitchell Hansen breakdown the […]
LOCKED ON WOLVES – 2/15: Lakers in Town
By Colton Molesky - Feb 15, 2018
Colton Molesky is joined by the host of the Locked On Lakers podcast, Anthony Irwin, to discuss the Los Angeles Lakers youth and new additions. They try […]