FANTASY FOOTBALL PARTY: NFL Week 14: Golden Tate and the Catorce Days of Christmas

On the uno dia de Navidad, the FF Party gave to me… a Stone Xocoveza from JL Beers.


On the dos dia de Navidad, the FF Party gave to me… dos Buffalo receivers kicked to the curb.


On the tres dia de Navidad, the FF Party gave to me… tres 50/50 lineups to help fill that gaping hole in your roster left by James Connor’s injury and Kareem Hunt’s stupidity.


On the quatro dia de Navidad, the FF Party gave to me… quarto active Ravens running backs, making the backfield a muddy quagmire for fantasy owners.


On the cinco dia de Navidad, the FF Party gave to me… cinco Golden Tates.


(Narrator: That was too easy. Try harder.)


On the seis dia de Navidad, the FF Party gave to me… seis Lamar Jackson fumbles. That’s a lot of el droppos for a running back, even if they’re disguised as a quarterback.


(Roberto McKenzie: This is too hard. Let’s skip ahead a couple days.)


On the nueve dia de Navidad, the FF Party gave to me… another bebe for Rios de Philipo.


On the dies dia de Navidad, the FF Party gave to me… a pair of Mitch Trubisky autographed Zubaz for our beloved Bears fan trapped so far from the Windy City.


On the once dia de Navidad, the FF Party gave to me… once Ebron receiving touchdowns.


(Narrator: Suck it, Magsh!)


On the doce dia de Navidad, the FF Party gave to me… a head coaching job, merely a formality for Number 12 in Green Bay. We’re not owners, don’t blame us for pink-slipping a husband and father so close to the holidays.


(Narrator: Wait, you’re not done? Please kill me now.)


On the trece dia de Navidad, the FF Party gave to me… trece players thrown under the bus, one for each of Ben Roethlisberger’s interceptions.


On the catorce dia de Navidad, the FF Party gave to me… a Week Catorce fantasy playoff win!


As Lili von Shtupp so famously sang, “I’m so tired.” Now, what are you waiting for? Press play and let the dulcet tones of Bo, Magsh, and 2V run down your earhole and pump your brain full of fantasy football goodness.


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The FFP’s 50/50 lineups for Week 14:



Josh Allen

Theo Riddick

Stevan Ridley

Chris Godwin

Anthony Miller

Antonio Callaway

Ian Thomas

Sebastian Janikowski

Giants DST



Baker Mayfield

Nyheim Hines

Ty Montgomery

Curtis Samuel

Adam Humphries

Dante Pettis

CJ Uzomah

Michael Badgely

Cowboys DST



Case Keenum

Justin Jackson

Jalen Richard

Zay Jones

Tre’Quan Smith

Chris Herndon

Bruce Ellington

Chris Boswell

Saints DST


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