The Fantasy Football Party: Shaky O-lines, News and Man Crushes

Longtime friend of the Fantasy Football Party Huey Lewis once sang he finally found a home, and the FFP crew did the same as Episode 3 of the podcast landed, for the entirety of the 2018 season, at JL Beers in Burnsville.

Comfortably ensconced in the friendly confines of the Beer Hall, our suds-soaked warriors sampled JL Beers’ 48 taps and their outstanding array of delicacies; in between sips, discussion centered around players we love more than perhaps is socially acceptable, offensive lines porous enough to make SpongeBob envious, and all the news you need to know to treat your league like Bryce Mitchell treats the family jewels.

Plus, Bo dropped some inside statistical knowledge, Magsh tried to digest a jalapeño without the benefit of chewing, and 2V mixed the Faribault Moon Boots with the Grain Belt Blu to create the tastiest PB&J you’ll ever drink. And as an added bonus, Zone Coverage‘s Ben Remington joined the show to explain what exactly a lower-body injury entails.

It was raw, it was risky… dare we say it was both raw AND risky! Your draft and/or auction is almost upon you, so set yourself up for success by drinking in the hop-encrusted knowledge provided by this week’s Fantasy Football Party podcast!

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