FOOTBALL MACHINE: Reassessing Two Big Trades, Previewing the Cowboys & 2015 v. 2020 Draft Classes

Sam Ekstrom and Arif Hasan are joined by guest Eric Thompson to discuss the latest with the Vikings.

-“Woos and Boos” from Monday’s win against the Bears

-Could the Vikings make a change at special teams coordinator? And how will special teams screw up the end of their season?

-How do the Ngakoue and Diggs trades look in retrospect?

-Where will Cam Dantzler fit when he returns?

-What are the biggest threats on the Dallas offense and defense?

-Could the 2020 draft class exceed the 2015 class?

-Week 11 picks

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Sam Ekstrom (@SamEkstrom) is a Zone Coverage staff writer covering the Minnesota Vikings and Golden Gophers basketball.

Arif Hasan (@ArifHasanNFL) covers the Minnesota Vikings for The Athletic.

Luke Inman (@Luke_Spinman) Luke Inman is Zone Coverage’s resident NFL Draft guru and video content creator.

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