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Aaron Rodgers' Agent Used This Exact Playbook For Carson Palmer

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What’s that? Major Las Vegas sportsbooks are now predicting a retirement? Cool. And Davante Adams is angry with the team so he and Aaron are posting matching Insta posts like besties? Cool.

Does anyone know someone, who knows someone, who vacations with one of Aaron’s cousins who can tell us what he’s going to do?

The Aaron Rodgers drama is clearly drawing near a head. Anyone who says they know exactly what’s about to happen is lying. At best we can speculate and make informed guesses based on all of the leaks, rumors, and drama.

In my opinion the best way to predict the future is to look at the past. Since Aaron Rodgers has never been through a situation like this before has anyone else involved? Of course the Packers have with Brett Favre, but when you dive a little deeper you realize Rodgers’ agent has as well.

David Dunn the long time agent of Rogers was the man behind the Carson Palmer trade from Cincinnati. The playbook was literally the exact same.

Warren Sharpe laid out the similarities on Twitter:

And it was detailed in a far more in-depth manner in a Yahoo article months ago by NFL columnist Charles Robinson:

…if it’s pushed to the regular season, he could make a retirement declaration to the team, similar to what Carson Palmer engaged in during the 2011 season when he refused to report to the Cincinnati Bengals.

The agent who played a large part in engineering that move for Palmer was David Dunn. It’s the same David Dunn who has been Rodgers’ longtime agent. Ultimately, it was Dunn who drew the hard line in the sand for Palmer back in 2011, making it clear to the Bengals that Palmer would rather end his career than continue with the Bengals and team owner Mike Brown. In response, Brown dug in and challenged Palmer to follow through on his retirement, which lasted until the then-Oakland Raiders suddenly needed a quarterback. Dunn helped facilitate a workout for Palmer and the Raiders’ coaching staff and then started working the parameters of a deal between Oakland and Cincinnati for Palmer’s rights. A deal was ultimately consummated before the 2011 trade deadline.

If Rodgers and Green Bay dig in heading into the 2021 season, that Palmer scenario could easily play out again.

It’s amazing that this has not been discussed more, but the truth is a few months is like 100 years player drama years. It makes sense that this article got buried at the start and overlooked.

Only time will tell if Dunn will handle this identically to the Palmer situation but anyone in any line of business can tell you if you’re successful at something don’t change it. Expect Rodgers’ agent to stick to his guns.

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