Green Bay Packers
Brett Favre’s Huge Praise For Jordan Love
By Spencer Nelson - Nov 26, 2023
Sometimes, in the NFL, a singular performance can change an entire narrative. That seems to be the case in Green Bay. After their statement making win on […]
Green Bay Packers
Brian Baldinger Gives Perfect Breakdown Of Jordan Love’s Growth
By Spencer Nelson - Nov 24, 2023
Former NFL player turned analyst Brian Baldinger is as good as it gets when it comes to breaking down NFL film. There are no hot takes or […]
Green Bay Packers
Dan Orlovsky Gives Perfect Assessment Of Jordan Love’s Struggles
By Spencer Nelson - Nov 17, 2023
When it comes to the Jordan Love conversation, there hasn’t been much nuance. Analysts and experts generally have their hot takes and they’re usually black and white. […]
Green Bay Packers
The Brutal Christian Watson Stat That’s Killing Green Bay
By Spencer Nelson - Nov 13, 2023
The Christian Watson experience has been nothing short of a roller coaster in Green Bay. From dropping the first pass in a disappointing 2022 team campaign to […]
Green Bay Packers
Kay Adams Sees Hope In Green Bay
By Spencer Nelson - Nov 8, 2023
If one were to take a quick glance across social media it would be easy to think that this year’s Green Bay Packers team is the worst […]
Green Bay Packers
Brett Favre Gives Perfect Defense Of Jordan Love
By Spencer Nelson - Nov 3, 2023
The Green Bay Packers are 2-5 and the blame is flying. Fans long for the day when Joe Barry was the only divisive name in conversations. From […]
Green Bay Packers
James Jones Blasts Matt LaFleur’s Approach
By Spencer Nelson - Nov 2, 2023
Times are currently tumultuous in Green Bay. The team is 2-5 and fan favorite Rasul Douglas is out the door to the bewilderment of the fan base […]
Green Bay Packers
Aaron Jones Shares Important Jordan Love Practice Moment
By Spencer Nelson - Aug 15, 2023
As the football world awaits Jordan Love’s first start as the official leader of the Green Bay Packers opinions about the fourth year quarterback’s potential are coming […]
Green Bay Packers
Chris Simms Has Big Expectations For Packers Devonte Wyatt
By Spencer Nelson - Aug 8, 2023
“I can’t believe it, I don’t get it.” That was NBC Sports’ Chris Simms‘ response to learning the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears had the same […]
Green Bay Packers
Louis Riddick Gives Perfect Expectations For Jordan Love
By Spencer Nelson - Aug 5, 2023
Jordan Love mania is off and running. Whether he’s getting advice from Peyton Manning or handing off a simple draw play, Love can’t make a move without […]
Green Bay Packers
Why ESPN’s FPI Is Dead Wrong About The Packers
By Spencer Nelson - May 30, 2023
ESPN absolutely loves their analytics and prediction tools. Their numbers create countless topics for their talking heads to throw hot takes at. One of the worldwide leaders […]
Green Bay Packers
Joe Barry Is Under The Most Pressure In Green Bay
By Spencer Nelson - May 29, 2023
Dan Orlovsky of ESPN recently unveiled which quarterbacks he believes to be under the most pressure in each conference. Ridiculously, Orlovsky put Jordan Love at number one […]