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The Best Of the New Throwback Packers Merch

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The Green Bay Packers’ new alternate jerseys are here. The Packers will wear their 1950s-style jerseys on October 24th against the Washington Football Team. There has been no word on whether Washington will go back to their old name for that game to fit the throwback theme.

The new Packers uniforms will replace the old Acme alternates, and they are a definite step up.

The jersey is all green with gold numbers and stripes similar to the 1950s uniform they wore. It is a fun mashup of the older style and the new alternate style. Green Bay will also add Bobby Dillon, who played in the ‘50s, to the Packers Hall of Fame during the game. He was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame earlier this month.

The best part about new jerseys? New merch, of course! I have to admit, the new stuff is slick. Obviously, the jerseys are cool, but they’re $120 a pop unless you get them from overseas. No, I am not endorsing purchasing a jersey that looks almost identical to the official version and waiting two months for it to arrive. (Or am I?) Besides the jerseys, let’s take a look at a few of the best new items.

Classic Pint Glass

Like many of you, I do not need another pint glass in my house. I have a cabinet full and another whole box of random ones I should give away. It happens when your partner works in the service industry for any amount of time. They never notice missing pint glasses. And, no, I am not saying you should steal pint glasses from your job. (Or am I?)

But this is a nice pint glass. The simple design on a lot of these things is nice. GB on one side, Packers on the other. It also comes in a shot glass — another thing I have a million of lying around the house.

Sleeve Stripe T-Shirt

This comes in men’s and women’s, so I don’t want to suggest the best apparel is just for men. Again, a simple design with the colors. The women’s design is more of a v-neck, but you can always get the men’s version if you don’t like that. It says Packers along with two stripes of the yellow across the sleeves. The women’s has a yellow color around the neck. You can wear this for the next month or so before the weather at Lambeau Field becomes miserable.

Striped Shoulder T-Shirt

This is by far my favorite shirt. Look at this thing. Again, super simple and fun. Just a giant GB on the front. Long-sleeved, so more useful during football season. It works because if you have a giant GB on your shirt, people will know it’s a Packers shirt. The picture makes it look super comfy. I could be getting fooled by the model making it look so good, but I will take the risk. Sure, $43 for a shirt is a little much, but sometimes style wins. Life is short; buy the shirt and eat the cookie.

Mesh-back Trucker Cap

There are several hats with the GB logo on them with this design. There is a 39 cap, a classic logo cap that is yellow with a green GB, a sideline cap, and a flat-brim cap. But the trucker hat is by far my favorite. There is an all-white version with a green GB on it. It’s nice but not as cool as the green and white. I understand that some people are not down with trucker hats or non-fitted hats. I get it. But the Packers have a history of generic or downright awful hat designs (besides the rainbow tie-dyed ones from last year that sold out in a second and were never replaced), so these new hats are a breath of fresh air. It says Packers on the back, and it’s just a fun, simple design. At first glance, it almost feels like a cheap knockoff someone would make and sell at ShopKo before it went out of business. I am not suggesting you could make this and sell a knock-off version for cheaper. (Or am I?)

But it all makes sense with the ‘50s feel and is true to the Packers’ colors. That was the one issue with the Acme alternates. It was nice to have a change, but the uniforms on the field or compared to other Packers surroundings looked pretty odd. They made some great Acme stuff, but it just didn’t fit with Green Bay as well as these new 1950s ones do.

Obviously, there are other cool items you can get, but these are probably the best. There are some solid Nike sweatshirts, but they’re not as cool as the other ones mentioned. Kudos to the Packers designers and promotions department for this idea and execution. The new gear has received a really nice reaction so far.

No, the Packers are not paying me to write this. But I will gladly take one of those striped shirts for free. Hit me up, Pro Shop.

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