Green Bay Packers
Packers Fans: Stop Acting Like Bears and Vikings Fans
By John Egan - Jul 22, 2021
When I browse social media, do you know how many Minnesota Vikings fans talk crap about the Packers by showing pictures, GIFs, and clips of Anthony Barr […]
Green Bay Packers
Why Do People Think Green Bay Would Trade Rodgers For Peanuts?
By John Egan - Jul 15, 2021
It seems like a new one pops up every day. In conversations, from analysts, on social media, on sports blogs sites. Scenario after scenario of Aaron Rodgers […]
Green Bay Packers
The Insanity of the Packers’ Season Ticket Waitlist
By John Egan - Jul 8, 2021
The best birthday present I ever received was when I was 12. My grandma’s gift to me that year was putting me on the Green Bay Packers’ […]
Green Bay Packers
Someone Dared to Slander Donald Driver
By John Egan - Jul 1, 2021
It started with an innocent tweet. Marcus Whitman, an NFL YouTuber out of Minnesota, was talking about Aaron Rodgers having a good receiving group on another team. […]
Green Bay Packers
Better Packers Receiver In 2021: Devin Funchess or Amari Rodgers?
By John Egan - Jun 24, 2021
The Green Bay Packers’ receiving group is pretty much full. The question is, who will step up and fill the No. 3 spot behind Davante Adams and […]
Green Bay Packers
3 Forgotten Packers Receivers During the Rodgers Era
By John Egan - Jun 17, 2021
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has thrown touchdowns to more than 40 different people during his tenure with the team. Wide receivers, tight ends, running backs, […]
Green Bay Packers
Remembering Samkon Gado’s Unsung Hero Season
By John Egan - Jun 10, 2021
Die-hard Green Bay Packers fans know his name, but some may not be familiar with Samkon Gado, the former running back who will always be a part […]
Green Bay Packers
The Pros and Cons of a Green Bay Trade for Zach Ertz
By John Egan - Jun 1, 2021
With the dead cap salary space freed up on June 1st, one of the biggest headline-makers in the NFL besides Aaron Rodgers and Julio Jones is tight […]
Green Bay Packers
The Real Cost of Bringing Julio Jones to Green Bay
By John Egan - May 27, 2021
If you’ve been online or on social media this week, you’ve seen that Julio Jones would like to be traded from the Atlanta Falcons. The 32-year-old wide […]
Green Bay Packers
Revisiting AJ Dillon’s Best Game From Last Season
By John Egan - May 24, 2021
AJ Dillon will have an elevated role for the Green Bay Packers in the 2021 season. The second-year player out of Boston College had a solid rookie […]
Green Bay Packers
What Are Fair Expectations For Jordan Love in 2021?
By John Egan - May 20, 2021
About a month ago, second-year quarterback Jordan Love‘s expectations were simple: Have a positive year of development, become a solid backup quarterback, and be ready if Aaron […]
Green Bay Packers
Jon Runyan May End Up Playing a Crucial Role Next Year
By John Egan - May 17, 2021
The Green Bay Packers were looking to add offensive line depth in this year’s draft. They ended up drafting three players to fit that bill. Some fans […]