CnD NBA SHOW: 2021-22 Power Rankings Draft - Lottery

Che & Dyl embark on their 4th annual Power Rankings Draft.

  1. Che & Dyl Draft their 14 worst teams in the NBA (30-17) [0:00:30]
  2. Dylan goes on a Kyrie rant [1:20:00]
The Wolves Can Turn Their Power Forward Platoon Into An Advantage
By Phil Ford - Oct 22, 2021
TINY NICK’S GIANT PICKS: NFL Week 7, We Dem Boyz, Per’s College Corner
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Can Minnesota's Big 3 Earn Respect Around the League?

The Minnesota Timberwolves season opener against the Houston Rockets took place in front of a less-than-capacity Target Center, but the verve of the crowd was more than […]

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