CnD NBA SHOW: Wolves in Shambles and Bonus @TipToTap Talk

Che & Dyl cover the dumbest news (the Minneapolis election) and then sift through another embarrassing night for the Pups.

  1. Real Stupid Election Results [00:15]
  2. React to Wolves-Clips [9:00]
  3. (Tau)Rean Prince Talk with Dan Hylton of @TipToTap [16:00]
What Do the Wolves Do With Josh Okogie?
By Troy Asseln - Dec 6, 2021
CnD NBA SHOW: The Return of @WolvesClips
By Dylan Carlson - Dec 6, 2021

Who Should Close Out Games For the Timberwolves?

The Minnesota Timberwolves have a dynamic backcourt in Anthony Edwards and D’Angelo Russell. Ant can dazzle with his ability to get to the rim with speed and […]

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